Redwood City Mexican food

What’s good these days? Redwood City has a high population of immigrants from Michoacán, specifically Aguililla and Apatzingán. Any specialities from those areas worth seeking out, or unavailable elsewhere in the SFBA?

My favorite Mexican place in Redwood City is the Los Carnalitos food truck which has specialities from Mexico City and, uncommon for the SFBA, Puebla. They not only have outstanding al pastor (on a spit), but feature several items made with fresh masa and cemitas, a killer sandwich of Pueblan origin. See an older writeup.

I am curious, how did you find Los Carnalitos originally? I had it bookmarked but still haven’t been. I must have passed by it hundreds of times . One of these days I will need to go.

What else Mexican have you tried in RWC, good or bad?

Three months after it closed, I happened upon China Poblano, a short-lived middlefield road Pueblan Restaurant. I had trouble digging up info on it, and stumbled across LC’s Facebook page. I also found a few Spanish language Facebook food places that were pop-ups, at soccer games, or at people’s houses that looked worth following up on, but never did.

I’ve liked:

  • El Sinaloa Seafood truck: aguachile didn’t wow me, but I recall some other good items there
  • Chavez market: lengua tacos, but more the al pastor tacos (crap, which location was the good one?)
  • el grullense (795 5th ave, valero station)
  • La Casita Chilanga on Middlefield, especially the tesorito torta.
  • El Paisano : handmade tortillas, barbacoa taco
  • La Vida: higher end, good seafood dishes

If you’re in the mood for Tamales, I wrote up a ton of Redwood City places for the Chowhound Tamale DOTM in 2012.

Not as big a fan of:
Tacos el grullo
La estrellita (tortillas good for purchase, but food isn’t that great)
Middlefield restaurant that replaced Los Gemelos

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Regarding Mexican in RWC, Woodside Road at Gordon, El Grullenese. They may have a location on El Camino, former A&W, south of Jefferson.

In the same strip mall as El Grullenese is a small diner, American diner food with Korean specials, Vivians or Vivis?

There is a concentration of South of the border restaurants and food trucks on Middlefield, south of Woodside.

I’ve eaten at the one further south next to the Shell gas station on el camino multiple times. Various tacos and caldo de res later, I’ve found that one very average.

They have so many el Grullenese in RWC its not even funny. The one I’ve been to is Taqueria el Grullense on the map on ECR near Jefferson. That one didn’t stand out.

@JMat, what stands out at the Woodside El Grullenese? Similarly @hyperbowler, what stands out at the 5th ave el Grullenese?

The aguachile was what I was thinking about trying when I saw them with a b&m location now and I remember you were looking for aguachile in another thread. I will try their other stuff then.

My usual order is carnitas tacos. Two tacos, bag of chips, couple of containers of salsa, bottle of Mexican Coca Cola.

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Market stall in Lima
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