Japanese Vending Machines

Hackneyed topic it may be, but I still come across some surprises in my daily constitutionals.

Today’s (err, yesterday’s) discovery:

aka, basashi, or raw horse meat.

The various Japanese phrases say “if you eat raw meat, you’ll feel good,” “healthy raw meat,” and “I love horse meat.”



There are certainly a lot of horse oil products like horse oil shampoo and horse oil soap.

The do have beautiful Manes and Tails! :racehorse:

The mane course?


The sign specifically says “I love raw horse,” so … halfway there?

Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a horse oil vending machine up in Iwate (where horse is more commonly consumed).

I didn’t say it isn’t.

How exciting.

Anyway, here’s one from Utsunomiya:

It has Kuroge wagyu hamburg steaks, garlicky gyoza (pot stickers), minced meat cutlets, and capsule toy mystery meat.


All apple juice, at Aomori train station.
(Aomori is Japan’s apple country)


For those intransigent raw horse stains, head to the nearest steel wool vending machine.


I got there too late.

The Japanese in the upper-left says “Mr. Morning Market.”

All that was left was eggplant and onions. Good choices, but I’m hankering tomatoes.


I’ve always loved vending machines.

I bought a lot of coffee and milk tea from the vending machines at the ski resort, at truck stops along the highway, and on the street.

I wish I had been able to spend more time in Japan.

From Engine Ramen in Kyoto. The order was placed at the vending machine, but the ramen came from the kitchen, so not a proper vending machine.


Shiso sour, damn that sounds fun. Ever tried a shikuwasa sour? That’s peak Okinawa.

Indeed, countless ramenya, and cheaper soba/udon restaurants worship the vending machine ticketing system. (too many dine-and-dashers?)

But there are also vendos where you can get ramen right then and there. Don’t have a photo right now, but I’m a searchin’ everyday for more vm madness.

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Are they different varieties (bc they all look the same)?

To which ones are you referring?

Generally speaking, a single vending machine will have a variety of drinks/foods/whatever the heck else.

Occasionally, there’s a one-trick pony – e.g. the apple juice in Aomori – but it’s more because that region is the Japanese producer of {apples}. I believe there would be more varieties once it’s the season.

(I’m not sure which post you’re replying to, so I presumed it to be the apple one.)

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Not yet! I will add it to my list!

Yes, the apple post. Thanks for clarifying!

I took a few photos of the apples in this post.

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Dems apples are from Nagano :wink:

eta: Shinshu (信州) is an historic name for present-day Nagano prefecture.

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One of my favorite snacks.


Powdered green tea, deceptively sold in boxes similar to cigarette packs.

(The name, Chabacco, comes from cha-bako/茶箱, or tea box.)

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