Japanese restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, groceries, etc in [Toronto]

Oh I forgot to add Patisserie 27 along with MonK Patisserie. MonK has been hit and miss at times. Patisserie 27 is still memorable as their croissant is very unique and dense and the freshly made mille feuille is pretty much unmatched (I have tried the Alo bar version though not Giuletta). Lots of Japanese influence at both spots


I tried a hot specialty coffee (Okinawa Brown Sugar Macchiato) at Hazukido on Bay yesterday. It was too sweet for me, and didn’t have enough coffee flavour, so I’ll try something else next time.

I enjoyed the coffee I had in Japan in Jan 2020. I guess Neo or Nine Tails are the better Japanese-style or inspired Cafés downtown. I find the lattes at Fuwa Fuwa and a Little Pebbles to be very sweet and very milky, without enough coffee flavour.

Croissants don’t agree with me, so I’m unlikely to try them, but I might pick some up for friends at some point. They open at 10 am.


Tsuchi, a vegan café


Not an all Japanese bakery per se but we like Mon K when we used to live in that area. I used to walk there for our morning baguettes. During the early shutdowns, the lines were long before opening time. We actually prefer the softer texture of their baguettes to Bonjour Brioche which I also used to walk to many moons ago. Their mini slices (which changes periodically), cream puff, and chestnut “cake” were always hits when entertaining.

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Technically Japanese beef so sharing here. Eataly has 30% off A5 till tomorrow

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This new-found place is pretty decent…albeit a touch expensive." ATO Sushi, 16 Vogell (Leslie & 16th Ave), Richmond Hill " - An enjoyable lunch at a new-found, hidden, Japanese restaurant...only 5 minutes drive from home!


Good to hear!

Looks like AP has opened in the old Panorama space at the top of the Manulife Centre.

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Surprised nobody has mentioned Kaito on St. Clair for omakase…


Wasn’t on my radar! Thanks for mentioning it.

I will check out Ohiru this weekend



Tanuki now serves a weekend brunch, and omurice is on the menu.


Because we had out-of-town visitors who really wanted to go out to eat, we risked dining indoors (we wore masks, except while sipping or putting food in our mouths). Our friends were staying at the Royal York and wanted to eat Japanese, so we suggested Miku. We hadn’t dined there since pre-pandemic, but remembered enjoying it last time and particularly liking the sake selection. At the time, it emphasized Ocean Wise seafood choices, which unfortunately is no longer a feature.

The service was friendly and attentive, if not particularly well-informed about the sourcing of the seafood (they did go and find out for us though). The food itself was mainly very good - fresh, tasty, well-presented. The drinks were again a highlight.

Oishii cocktail - sake (Masumi shochu), Hayman’s sloe gin, strawberry, raspberry, saffron, strawberry basil foam - fun, like a strawberry jam cocktail

We also enjoyed a sake flight:

  • Kamoizumi JDG - junmai daiginjo, Kamoizumi Hiroshima (almost herby)
  • Sanzen Omachi - junmai daiginjo, Kikuchi, Okayama (straightforward and a bit nutty)
  • Yukimegami 48 - junmai daiginjo, Dewazakura, Yamagata (light, a bit fruity)

Tsukemono (house pickled vegetables) - very sweet shallots, good cabbage, OK cucumbers, OK carrots, OK turnip. Disappointing overall, given how good Japanese pickles can be. At least they are making the effort to create their own pickles.

Kyoto saikyo miso baked sablefish, butter poached lobster, sauce américaine, ao nori pomme puree, roasted purple carrots, dashi rutabaga, tomato-red pepper gastrique. One of the best dishes - gently cooked seafood with a multitude of flavours.

Chicken nanban: chicken thigh, nanban-zu, lettuce, Asian slaw, and lemon - a bit of a mess in appearance, but the chicken was moist and tasty.

Teriyaki octopus, confit potato, roast cauliflower florets, black garlic miso, yukari cabbage chips (very fun). Overcooked octopus, without obvious teriyaki flavour. A miss.

Hotate aburi style - luscious scallops, lightly torched and accented with sesame and lemon. Good shari.

Miku roll: BC sockeye salmon, uni, crab, cucumber, rolled in tobiko, Miku sauce. Lightly torched and delicious.

Salmon oshizushi - BC sockeye (double layer) with maple and black pepper and a little jalapeno on top - fresh, lovely.
Saba oshizushi - miso on top, tangy and lemony.

Ichigo Mochi Dome: brown sugar cookie, strawberry cream inside the mochi, mashed strawberry, jasmine tea ice cream, walnut toffee (brittle in little pieces around it), and lovely strawberry powder over. A very nice mochi riff on strawberry shortcake.

Rose and plum wine on ice - pink and fragrant.

So far, haven’t come down with COVID…


I still haven’t tried Miku. It looks great. Maybe I’ll try some take-out next month. :slight_smile:

Miku is offering Winterlicious menus, Jan 27th- Feb 9th. https://mikutoronto.com/winterlicious23

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Is the plating sloppy or is it the flash photography? Not that it has an impact on flavour. Every Japanese restaurant I’ve been to creates beauty as a first statement of pride. The real challenge is that each piece must be edible art.

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Some of the plating looked better in-person than my crappy job with my phone camera suggests. But a number of the larger plates did look sloppy. I didn’t take photos of what our friends had, a number of which had better presentation (their sashimi plate for example). Overall, presentation was not their strength

Use night mode and avoid flash for more natural results.

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Tanuki will pack their brunch to go, as take-out. This is a place I want to visit soon.


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" AKA-ONI, Izakaya & Sake Bar, Richmond Hill " - A collection of appetisers and interesting and well-priced luncheon Bento-boxes ( come with salad , miso soup, fresh fruits and ice-cream ). The latter selections, comprising of some intriguing permutation & combination of tasty dishes were somehow totally omitted from the menu section of their website?!🤔🤔🤔

The past week, we gave the following commendable and near faultless offerings a try:

  • Marinated savoury and spicy Conch meat and Seaweed
  • Baked Scallops with Crab meat, Tako, Tobiko in creamy seafood mayo sauce
  • Chicken Karaage
  • Bento box of lobster & vegetable tempura, Striploin Steak Teriyaki, Gyozas
  • Bento box of Alaskan King Crab Udon, Tuna Maki, Gyozas, Fried Fish Fillet
  • Bento box of Miso Black Cod, Salmon and Scallops Sashimi, Seafood Charmushi
  • Angus striploin + Beef Enoki Mushroom roll Teridon
  • Tonkotsu Ramen with all the essential, traditional toppings

Apart from the well executed and delicious food. Two heavenly tasting, stand out sauces/dressings were worthy of a special mentioning…the sweet and tangy, soy based ginger, garlic and sesame salad dressing and the exquisite tasting and super-aromatic teriyaki sauce…the latter soooo good!!😋😋👏👍👌


Please tell me you had a 4 person team eating all that. Looks great Charles. Almost makes me want to go to Richmond Hill.