" ATO Sushi, 16 Vogell (Leslie & 16th Ave), Richmond Hill " - An enjoyable lunch at a new-found, hidden, Japanese restaurant...only 5 minutes drive from home!

This gorgeously ‘Zen themed’ decorated and secluded ’ Omakase ’ Japanese restaurant, offers good quality Sushi/Sashimi lunch at a reasonable price point!. ( 6 pieses Sashimi and 8 pieces sushi plus 1

Hand-roll for $58 ). It is also one that offers extremely rare ‘whole fish’ sashimi with exotic choices specially air-freight from Japan!

Our Sashimi and Neta choices for the sushi today included both Blue fin Cho-toro, O-toro, Kurodai, Shima -Aji, Suzuki, Kanpachi, Hamachi and a few ordinary selections. Overall, quality reflected pristine freshness of products. Sadly, the O-toro, though visually appealing, featured an excessive amount of tough ligaments! A sad No-No in my book!! Nori used for the hand roll also lacked brittle crispiness!