Japanese Eggplant..Suggestions Please

I have 5 nice size Japanese eggplants that looked so good in the Asian market, last Friday and I need to do something with them today or tomorrow.
On the menu tonight is either pan seared or baked fish. (cod, sea bass, flounder)
Any preparation you can suggest to go with a mild fish?

I loveeeeeeee Japanese eggplant. In the summer, I keep it super simple with herb-y vinaigrette and toss it on the grill. In the winter when I don’t want to freeze my buns off, I like to saute it or dry roast it in a pan. Then I top it with a sauce of soy sauce, ginger, garlic, honey, sriracha, rice vinegar, maybe a little cornstarch slurry. I could eat a whole bowl. Sometimes, I add toasted sesame seeds or green onions.

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Sound good and sweet/salty/spicy might just compliment the simple fish…

Gracie’s sauter suggestion is great with fish. Variation of this stir-fry, you can add the “lemon” element (good with fish): lemongrass, and some lemon juice. Fish sauce instead of soy sauce if you prefer…and some sesame oil. All very good.


I don’t eat eggplant, but everyone I know is obsessed with it.

Japanese miso-glazed eggplant is mildly sweet, very savory. Here and here.

Lots of indian versions too - from lightly to heavily spiced. If you like babaghanoush, try baingan bharta. Here and here are a couple of different (easy) versions - like babaghanoush, you need the char for flavor.

Or easy sliced preparations here and here.


I’d just slice them up and saute in olive oil, with some black pepper and oregano. You can add some chopped tomatoes as well. Let the eggplant cook really well, until it’s soft throughout.

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Eggplant sandwich. Cut into planks, rub with olive oil and grill. On toasted roll layer eggplant, fresh mozz cheese, basil leaves, jarred roasted peppers and enjoy.

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Stuffed eggplant! Cut a chunk on the diagonal and split this not quite fully in half. Stuff with your favorite mixture (classic Chinese filling could be a fish or pork based mixture) and then pan fry on both sides, make a sauce, cover and finish cooking all the way through.