January 2019,Boston and surrounding areas. Openings! Closings!


It’s a brand new year so it’s time for a brand new thread on what’s opening up and what’s shutting down.


Quincy’s Fat Cat moving from its Chestnut St. location to Hancock St. (not sure exactly when), across from Alba in a former sport’s bar (can’t remember the name). Should work out well for them. Word is they’re getting the chef from Townsend, also a Quincy restaurant. Hope they don’t change much. Best comfort food around, not to mention the great wine pours. Good Luck Neil and great staff!
Will Continue To Enjoy,


“The Federal” is supposed to open today in Waltham. It is the new concept taking over Flank (the steakhouse that wanted you to eat with your hands) by the new Market Basket.

They sent out a menu to the local businesses a few weeks ago - we won’t be going, steakhouses just aren’t our thing and the price points are insane.

So if you go - post back so I can pretend like I know what’s going on in my hood!

(Denise) #4

I’m with you. Steakhouses always seem so pricey to me for the type of food. When it comes to steak and wine, I can indulge for less at home. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


I’m right there with you both, Thimes and Denise. I can get Costco prime tenderloin or ribeye and a nice bottle of red and be quite happy at home. Hopefully they’ll be more successful than Flank, which didn’t appeal to me at all.

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Durgin-Park will soon close, reports The Boston Globe and other outlets.


I am not sure why what makes me sad (I have never been there) but it does. Another long-time stalwart, gone.


I was sad to hear the news, it has been around a very long time . . . . . but I went about 2 years ago with friends visiting Boston (I had only lived here for a year at that point and hadn’t been since the early 80s probably) . . . it was horrible - the food, the service, the experience - so on that level I’m not surprised.


fair enough…


the food at Durgin Park was always, always terrible.


I went there once or twice about 15, maybe 20, years ago, soon after we started putting down a root in the Boston area. It was uninspired enough that we never went back, but I do remember (at least I think I remember) liking their brown bread.


For your story to be believable, you need to invite some of us over to sample your steak. I am prepared to take one for the team.


makes me a little sad, as well. haven’t been there in decades. and, as others have noted, the food was, shall we say, lacking; the service, of course, was always part of the show.

funny thing: last year a friend wanted to go over the holidays. but we couldn’t get reservations. wound up at the union oyster house.


Same here. Durgin-Park definitely had a lot of history, even if its best food days were long gone. I remember decades ago, they used to have a pretty good homey chicken pot pie on their menu with a killer crust. They changed the crust to more of a puff pastry, and there went the last thing I would order off the menu… I did always appreciate that they offered an Indian pudding though. I’m like a big fan of that dessert.


Now that you mention it, I had liked their Indian pudding too.


Quite a history. Ralph Nader apparently was a regular. He won a prize by eating two large strawberry shortcakes in one sitting.


since Marc Hurwitz reported this a couple hours ago it’s likely common knowledge, but I just wanted to say with Cultivar closing that, wow, this month sure is full of a fair number of big name craterings!


I made it over the Revival in Davis yesterday. It was packed with people pecking on laptops around 2pm. Like, I literally couldn’t find a seat. So I satisfied myself with an excellent flat white to go. Their brews were quite light, and I am not of the third-wave persuasion that pale, thin, acidic coffee is worth drinking. The espresso they made my drink with was a George Howell roast, but the drip coffees were both another roaster. Sadly, nary an english muffin in sight and none of the pastries they had were quite calling to me. I like the space and will have to check back to try some food.


I came here to post this. Very sad. After it came up the other night I had actually planned to eat lunch there on Saturday when I happen to be planning to be downtown. Good lesson: don’t put off going back to places you like. Sad I didn’t get that bluefish pate again!

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Ouch. Devra First wrote the following in a food predictions story on Wednesday. Already coming true, sadly:

“We will see more places shut down in 2019. Expect the unexpected to be among them.”