jam making in steel lined copper pan

Howdy, I joined recently as I was searching 'Is Falk Copper cookware good?" And I’m now pleased as punch with a few pieces.

I do wonder about using one of their larger steel lined pans for making jams. Reasonable? I know the bare pans are considered good but what about the lined ones? I could use it as a large pot for cooking other than jam.


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I have had success making jam in a tin lined copper casserole about 9 3/4" across and 5 1/4" deep.

Falk is better than good.

You can make jam in lots of pans, but there are reasons many dedicated makers prefer bare copper. Unfortunately it’s inaccessible now, but there was a very informative thread on Chowhound on the benefits of bare copper jam pans. IIRC , the biggest is that copper anions facilitate crosslinking in the preserves–and more quickly–resulting in shorter cook times to any desired endpoint, hence fresher taste.


Thank you. I have nothing with which to compare it — I’ve never used copper cookware. I have a beautiful set of Fissler Profi that I won’t let go of because they’re also fantastic and got it when the $/Euro rate was good, on amazon.de, but the copper is, wow, even for doing the prosaic such as cooking summer squash. I’m impressed at the results.

I had been thinking of a steel lined pan only due to cost - I can use it for more than just jam.

Recently on Ebay I got a good price on a Bridge (probably Mauviel) unlined caramel pan - am looking forward to trying that, now. :slight_smile:


Great! Would you please post a photo? I’m wondering, is it shaped like a small zambaglione pan?

I believe I have never made jam, so not much relevant input.

But I’ll mention that I noticed yesterday someone claiming to be a cookware developer working actively for Falk, saying that they are working on a new range of cookware.

I kind of have my hopes up that it would be, first: true, then second, induction compatible and thicker copper than their current Coer. I said kind of, because I’m in pretty deep with Coer.

Also great Pans.
I have a few Mauviel Pieces that are a joy as well

Got a link or citation? I evaluated Coer for Falk, so I’d find any information interesting.

These are the relevant citations.:

“i develop cookware and i am actively working on a new range for Falk”

“I’m afraid I can’t give you info on the new range as that would breach an NDA”

You could find it with those, but this is the thread:


Thanks. This person does not sound very knowledgeable to me.

They are fantastic. The Falk stockpot is calling my name, and I keep saying “I have a Fissler profi stockpot.”

Sure, here it is.

And another photo:

If Mr. “I’m developing a new line for Falk” is right, he’s already violated the NDA.

Great pan. Enjoy your new addiction to salted caramel sauce.


Thanks. I’ll try to remembe to post a photo of my much older, round-bottomed version.