J. Kenji Lopez-Alt Can Sell Me Anything

I have no resistance. I bought the Anova circulator on Kickstarter. Then the baking steel (which was just delivered but not yet tested), and now the Misen Chef’s Knife. I mean, how bad can it be?

Thanks, Joan. I bit on the knife, too. I’ve been looking for a new, inexpensive knife and this one hits all the right notes.

Kenji didn’t have to try at all to sell me his cookbook. :grinning:

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Thanks, Joan (I think). I bit too. I do trust his reviews.

I read the article. I think the Misen Chef’s knife is a good knife, but I don’t think it is nearly as good the way he put it.

Yes, the $65 Misen is a good buy compared to Misono, Wusthof, Henckels just like Kenji has said in the article. However, is the $65 Misen (AUS-8 steel) really a better buy than other knives like the $50 Tojiro DP (VG-10 steel, free shipping)?

Not in my opinion. In short, I absolutely agree that it looks promising and look to be a good knives, but it does not not wow me.

I trust you, Chem. Really. I do. But I trust Kenji more. And he’s used the knife. :wink:

:wink: No problem. I am just expressing my opinion.

I agree with Chem but bit anyway just to see if the hype was true and got the lower price. Figured I can pass it to one of the kids if not impressed. It will be better than what they use currently

When you get one, please let us know what you think. I do think it will be a good knife. Will it be great, that is another matter.

I am interested in knowing its edge holding and edge retention due to the 440B steel selection. My guess is that it is selected as a trade-off between strength vs toughness, and a tougher knife may be better for certain users. AUG-8 is also cheaper too, so cost saving is a plus. Thanks ahead.

LOL, funny. I was thinking the same thing the other day as my finger hovered over the final purchase button on Amazon (in re the book).

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The people over at Kitchen Knife Forums seemed pretty skeptical of this knive, though appreciative when Kenji showed up to defend his perspective. As with CK’s suggestion, the feeling seemed to be that the Tojiro DP might be the better buy. (VitalForce from CH)

Thanks for the information, Cosmictempo (aka VitalForce). I read most of the opinions there (mostly critical of this knife) and Kenji’s defense. Like I wrote above, I don’t think it is a bad knife, but it isn’t really exciting. I guess DaveB’s post beautifully stated my point:

K, I’m sympathetic to your argument and agree the market is ready for a
decent performing, decent looking knife at that price point. (Only a mother would descibe a Vnox as attractive)

But you did describe it as “The holy grail of knives”

It is what it is but it ain’t no holy grail.

I agree that Kenji’s recommendations carry a lot of weight for me. For technique too, I’m going to try out his recommendation to hydrate dry pasta before cooking it this week.

I’ve had the baking steel for about 6 months and it is amazing. Both in the oven and the gas grill outside. I wavered between the 1/4 inch and the 1/2 inch, went for the 1/4 inch because my upper body strength isn’t what it used to be and I’m pretty sure it’s only going to be getting worse!

You made the right call on the baking steel. I have the ½ inch and don’t use it as much as I might because of it’s weight.

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I love mine to death now, but I had some trouble at first because the timing & temperature is different from a baking stone. I have the 1/4", too. Still pretty damn heavy.

Those of you who might need a Thermapen, he’s got a link for a special at $69 that expires at midnight tonight. It has been on sale a bit as they have a new model out, but this seems to be the best price around for the classic model.

I had broken mine after years of some serious abuse (dropping it a lot onto hard surfaces). It finally only worked if I squeezed it in just the right place and rotated the blade just so… Anyway I finally can afford a replacement and just ordered a new one.