I've got a lot of lemons!

Those 3 jars at the end are BEAUTIFUL! And those lemons are HUGE!


I freeze sliced, juiced lemon rounds in bags and use in place of ice cubes.


I made some once (reported on Chowhound) from lemons that had been quartered for another purpose.

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I think I remember that!

Comparing two recipes


I don’t understand why they use such different volumes of liquid (cream, milk, yogurt, lemon juice) but the same 1 packet of gelatin.

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The one with more liquid will set more softly. You know how Top Chef contestants are always adding too much gelatin and getting rubbery panna cotta? There’s quite a range of possible textures. If you’re using a mold you’d use more gelatin/less liquid so the shape will stand up on its own, if you’re serving it in a vessel (bowl, glass etc) you can use less gelatin/more liquid for a softer silkier texture.


Ah! Yes! I do know! Oh well. I went for it with a lower liquid recipe which was intended to go in a mold.

Last time I served from the same glasses and would have preferred a firmer set. Last time I used gelatin leaves, this time packets. The leaves seem to require more by weight.

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Nobody’s mentioned Limoncello yet I don’t think. I’ve made it before and it’s really good if you’re into things alcoholic. Lots of recipes on line. The one I made took 30 days (Lidia Bastianich’s recipe I think) but there are shorter ones although our in-laws gave us some from a short recipe and it’s much more lemony, like it didn’t ‘steep’ long enough.


Sounds good! I seem to recall one of the alcohol ingredients was intimidating. I black out just reading the name. Can’t even remember what it’s called! The vodka suggestions sound good.

Some recipes call for Everclear, which I believe is grain alcohol. I’ve seen it at some chain liquor stores here but I used 100 proof vodka.

Blacked out.

JK. I didn’t know vodkas come in different proofs!

If not limoncello, next up is

And I asked if I could come get more lemons.


If you do get more, this looks like an interesting use of the peels:



My wife made 2 gigantic jugs of limoncello to give out at Christmas. She used mostly standard proof vodka (like 40%-ish) but split a bottle of Everclear between them. She added a vanilla infused simple syrup after about a month of just the lemon peel and booze sitting together, and then let that sit another 3 weeks or so. It’s quite strong, but not as cloying as many of the commercial brands you can snag at the store. Next year I’m going to have her use half Meyers to see how that turns out.


Thanks all!

Thank you @ElsieDee ; definitely doing that.

Thank you @Midlife , @Ct.ebner84 ; not sure I want jugs of limoncello in my home, but I’m tempted!

I got more lemons, and dropped off tiny samples of curd, Panna Cotta, and preserved lemon.

This time in addition to pruners, I had goggles and those gauntlet gloves up my arm.

There be thorns!

I was rolling under the tree, and away, in and out like a thief in the night! But it was 1:30 P.M. Neighbors walking by. Unimpressed!

Is this a different lemon olive oil cake recipe?

No cornmeal. I like cornmeal in my cake.

Not sure I want such a tempting cake either, but I’m doing at least one.


Ohhh, to be as blasé as those neighbors walking by of the bounty from your harvest! Those of us who are unable to walk up to a tree and pick a bowl, basket, or bag of lemons or other citrus are truly envious!


Meyer Lemon Olive Oil Cake.

I used this recipe

And this olive oil

Smells amazing.

Tasted only a few crumbs and not sure how I feel about it yet. It’s good, and it will be eaten, but I’m wondering if it’s underbaked or over syrup-ed.

The glaze seemed too thick for drizzling, but maybe because I stirred rather than sifting the powdered sugar.


just a few more drops of liquid will thin a spead-able powdered sugar glaze to a drizzle-able one

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Thank you. I did add quite a bit more, then decided to stop, since I usually go a bit too far.

Could there have been that much extra confectioners sugar because I didn’t sift it? Sifting seemed so fiddly.

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It doesn’t look like she expected you to sift the powdered sugar before measuring, so I don’t think that’s it. More likely just the imprecision of measuring by cups.