I've finally bought a coveted pan

The 10-cup Nordicware Heritage Bundt Pan (there’s a mini version of 6 to the pan) is pricey but, well, just look at what it creates:

I’d had my eye out for it for years; there was never much of a sale on it, and the copycat versions look like they might not make such clean edges, so I hit the Amazon button. A cherry/almond/amaretto cake is going to a holiday party tomorrow.

If you’ve given in to the call of long-desired cookware, were you happy with it?


That is beautiful.
I finally got a copper pan. It’s only Baumalu but it’s everything kaleokahu promised it would be. I want more.

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Hi, greygarious:

Congrats, beautiful cake. Do you have the mini 6x one? I’ve got the Jones for a swirled “Turk’s Head” muffin pan.

I’m so far down the cookware rabbithole that my expectations and the post-purchase reality are converging–I’m seldom disappointed or surprised…


Just the full-size one. It’s a thick pan - I fear my cake may be overbaked. Hard to tell because the crust is naturally dark, and it won’t be sliced till this evening. I may have to lower the oven temp in the future. If you get the mini version, check for doneness early.

Wow, that’s gorgeous. Non-stick, or do you have to grease (that doesn’t look fun to grease, if so)?

The Heritage pan is supposedly nonstick but I was taking no chances. I used Pam baking spray, the one that includes flour, and had no problems turning the cake out. I always prefer to grease pans with a spray, which I think has the least risk of missing a spot.

If nothing else, you can use the cake to hypnotize your guests!

Sadly, the bundt cake was way overbaked. Thinking about it in retrospect, a lot of the batter is trapped in a narrow space between the fins of hot metal, so I should have lowered the baking temp and kept a close watch on it.

But there was no shortage of sweets at the party, and my free-styled savory phyllo bites vanished fast. Lots of admiration for the shape of the cake, though.

Great! The thing about Bundt cakes is you could completely toss one, and bake another for very little cost. I mean, it’s not like it’s the 7-rib Wagyu standing rib roast you scrimped to afford for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Dial it in, and enjoy!



I have this pan too - it is gorgeous, but you do have to be careful with the time/temp of whatever you’re baking.

Hi, biondanonmia:

I want one of these pans, , so please dish on what you’ve dialed in as far as time and temperature go.


The cake looks beautiful. I’m certain you’ll get it dialed it. I feel the mood to bake coming on…

I’ve had such poor impulse control that I’ve forgotten what it is to wait…

With this pan, I usually shave 25 degrees off the bake temp (and no convection) and 5-10 minutes from the cook time (depending on how long the recipe is supposed to cook in the first place). I tend to check my baked goods 5-10 minutes before the recipe says they’ll be done in any case, and the first time I used this pan I checked 10 minutes early and found that the cake (a rum cake, I think) was done or maybe even a little over done, so I’ve been extra careful ever since.

That’s really interesting. I’ve never lowered the oven temp when using the Heritage bundt pan and I don’t have any specific recollection of timing being off when I’ve used it. I do usually check on the early side of when it’s supposed to be done, so maybe I’ve just caught it in time. Will pay closer attention next time I use it.

I finally got the LC tarte tatin, but not to actually make the tart - although I will eventually make one. I plan to use the pan for small gratins, etc. I like the idea that I can use it on the range top, unlike my ceramic/porcelain gratins.

I’ve been looking at the Nordic anniversary bundt pan for some time now, and may get it in time for an Easter cake.

I’ve been watching this post with interest since I’ve always liked the Heritage bundt pan. I went into W-S today and found a set of the 10 cup, 6 cup, and 6 mini pans on the clearance table with an additional 20% off. So it was a total of $55.95 for all 3. Since I do a holiday stint with them, I got even a bit more off. I figured I would choose one for myself and share the others with a sister and a niece. Thanks for all the advice on how to best use them. Now I just need to make the tough decision about the one to keep - I’m leaning toward the 6 cup.

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