I've died and gone to culinary heaven....

This is just a glimpse of the bounty at a stone’s throw from my pad in Berlin this summer :slight_smile:



Did you use your DE passport? Or US? More customs clearance hassle in these “new normal” times with either passport?

If you feel like it/have time, do create a topic in Europe section. Oh hang on, we don’t have one. Europe only consists of 3 countries according to this site. :man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:


I was wondering where to post this - I suppose I could start a ‘topic/thread’ for Berlin, but fear that I’ll end up being the only one posting :joy:

I use my DE passport for coming here & my US passport for going back. Customs was a piece o’cake for me.


Endlich zuhause!/You’re home! :+1: :ok_hand: :beers:

Some countries require “covid insurrance” and other annoying measures. I’m staying away from those for now. Only visiting ones that are safe and welcoming.

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Definitely start a Berlin thread. Others will add to it once they visit. There is at least one poster based in another part of Germany, and I’m sure some posters will visit Berlin this year.

Or just add [Berlin] in brackets to your subject line.

This can be the beginning of your amazing Berlin thread.


Do be careful doing that. I have an acquaintance who spent an jnexorable amount of time explaining to both EU and US authorities why she never had re-entries or exits on her dual passports.

UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy & Portugal.

Our continent’s other 38 countries are part of the forum’s “rest of the US and world”

I was told that this is officially the preferred MO, and have been doing so for over a decade. It sure would be easy enough to explain, given that I have both passports on me while traveling to and from Europe.

Covid insurance? Wut? As someone who’s fully vaxxed, boosted and recovered, I’m not particularly worried about it.

I only have one passport, but this was a first-degree acquaintancw who worked as a liaison traveling regularly between the corporate HQ in the US, the European offices in Paris, and her native Hungary.

She got it sorted, but it took her hours in a back office (complete with missed flights and meetings) with both sets of officials and a stern lecture to always leave via the same one you entered.

Maybe cuz it’s always just been between the US & Germany?

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