It's hot! Where do you like to go during the rare Bay Area heatwave?

With all the record-breaking temps lately, I haven’t felt much like cooking, but some restaurants can be too stuffy if they have no AC. Where do you like to go for dinner when it’s hot out?

Yay, climate control!

On Sunday, I hid at air conditioned IKEA and then went to the Emeryville public market. Shiba Ramen was pretty good, rich emulsified broths, and topped off the meal with a scoop from the cashew-based ice cream place— I like the texture more than coconut ice cream, and regret not tasting the turmeric flavor— I liked the mint chip, but found the other western palate flavors to not well complement cashews.

The ferry building also has indoor ice cream and i don’t recall it being too swampy when I was there earlier in the day.

My basement, which never gets above around 70F (I put a temperature logger there for a year, and the coldest it got was around 57F, average around 62F). Sunday was a good time to bottle my remaining 2015 wines, five cases, and next time I’ll process my 2016s.

I am thinking about eateries in malls, museums and hotels. Eat, and then do something else under the same roof:

Kin Khao in Parc 55 Hotel

Koi Palace, then Serramonte Center

In Situ, then a little culture at the MOMA afterwards.

MY China in Westfield, with the caveat of recent downhill alert

LOL we were originally going to our old Father’s Day standby Panda Dumpling in San Carlos. When we called and inquired about potential wait, the server said, ‘no its pretty empty right now because its pretty hot inside’. Changed our plans immediately. Sorry, Panda.

And no wood fire pizza places unless they really crank up the AC.

We need to hang out in your basement.

Which reminds me of a story from school. One time a 120F heat wave hit. A friend decided its too hot in his home, took his camping gear, and slept inside a building at school.

Except that there are just so. many. people. during the weekends…

I checked the temperature records, and in all of 2005 the temperature hit 70F for just one week in October. This is in West Berkeley.

I had thought about malls/shopping centers too, but since I rarely go to them, I had no idea where to find good food, thanks for the suggestions!

SFMOMA is a good idea, I’ve been meaning to check it out anyway.

We ended up hiding in the Stoneridge mall in Pleasanton for most of the afternoon Sunday. We stopped for lunch at a taco place/juice bar that had basic, but very freshly made tacos and burritos. I think it was near the JCPenney. Far better than I expected for mall tacos.

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo