It's 3.14 ... How are you celebrating π day?


I will be getting a NY slice at one of the two downtown Berkeley places I like, Arinell or Pizza Da Laura.

The only pie I go out of my way for is pecan, which is nearly impossible to find here. But I did find these pecan bars, close enough! First ingredient in the list is butter.

The price for one package at Whole Foods is $9.00, so the price listed on the website is misleading.

Assuming “here” is Berkeley CA, doesn’t Angeline’s on Shattuck have it?

They do, but it’s $10.99 a slice.

Mama Tina, of the lamented Smoke BBQ, has started selling her pies from her house. A whole pecan pie is $28. I don’t have enough freezer space for now, though.


Enjoy your pecan bars!

Pecan pie (albeit a true miniature one)! One of my favorite types of pies is pecan and outside of Tokyo, one of the most difficult ones to find in Japan. In general, apple pie is the only commonly found pie in all of Japan. I don’t know why, but I do know that most sweets in Japan are European type, not North American and in my mind, pies (at least sweet, not savory ones) are not very European.

Anyway, I have missed pecan pie quite a bit and was quite happy to have this little one which was just enough for me.

And what you see on top is what will likely disappoint or maybe even disgust my fellow Hungry Onions, Cool Whip. It’s a nostalgia thing and I hadn’t had any since 2009. You may not like it (I’m almost sure of that), but I know that my fellow Hungry Onions won’t yuck on my yum.


Our Pi Day: Left, Ham and asparagus quiche and right, Flathead cherry pie.
No peach as anticipated, they were DOA.


Love your “Pi” plate! We didn’t have any pie today, but DH wore one of his mathematician tee shirts


I thought about getting some pizza, but I ended up just writing a imagesentence instead.

Ugh. I have a fancy tabbouleh on tomato salad and water.

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Thanks to @ipsedixit for reminding me (this morning) that today was 3.14 (pi) day.
I knew I had some frozen quiche crust/dough in the freezer. I did some more digging and found some cooked chicken that needed to be used up.
So, I made a Chicken, Onion & Broccoli Quiche. It turned out great!!


My contribution to Pi Day: ATK Lemon Ice Box pie with graham cracker crust… Very nice lemony taste :heart:


My freezer purge today for Pi Day on Thursday 3.14.
I’ll be making an asparagus and ham quiche and for dessert,
a nice juicy peach pie. Asparagus, ham, peaches and pie crust
all coming from the clean out today.
St. Urho’s Day is on the 16th and traditionally sees pülla loaves being baked, but not this year. Found one of those in the freezer, too.
For St. Patrick’s Day, I’m going for lamb chops (found those in the freezer, too) and mashers. Thinking of Guinness cake again for dessert that day.


Please post a picture of this Guinness Cake!!


Mods, can you merge this with another post on Pi Day today? Thx!

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I will!

Is Iowa synonymous with pie?

According to Iowans, yes.

Is it only me? I celebrate 3/14 with 420. And 3/313 and 3/15 etc