Italy and Spain boards?

Thinking maybe as Chowhounders move over, there will be enough interest in these boards separate from Europe, Middle East, Africa.

Thanks for considering!

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Hi, do you think you can help the spread the news to invite them to come?
It’s possible when there is enough traffic and a few regulars.

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I’m here. I think if you make these boards people will come.

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I will spread the word as far as I can. Let me know what to ask them to do to let you know the value of having the boards.

I’d welcome these boards. Trips to both Spain and Italy planned for 2023, so it would be good to be prepared!

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Following, heading to Valencia and Madrid mid September :slight_smile:

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I would love this! but maybe right now the thing to do is to start posting as if there already are these boards Europe is thin enough here right now that Spanish and Italian posts are readily visible.

Was very heartened with some on-point responses to my June Swiss trip requestso itworks!

We are going to Lake Garda for a couple of weeks in July - returning to Gardone Riviera for a conference and very much looking forward to it. A return to Sicily and maybe visits to Rome and elsewhere are also in the works for the next couple of years. It will be great to see some discussion.


I would also love to have a Spain/Portugal board, as I feel that many former Chowhound posters would love to contribute there.


Let’s give the Italy, Spain, Portugal board a try. Its here:


Maribel. I have never been to Spain, but I loved reading your suggestions.

I see we now have a three boards relating to European countries

UK, Ireland
Paris, France
Italy, Spain, Portugal

I’ve no issue with these countries having their dedicated boards. I presume that, with the deletion of the previous “Europe” board, comments relating to the continent’s other 40 countries should now be posted to the “Rest of US and World” board, which seems to to be the only appropriate available one. Could a moderator please confirm that my understanding is correct - reason for asking is that I have a trip to Cyprus under consideration for the autumn.

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Every time boards get more specialized, the audience gets more fragmented and leaves former posters by the roadside.
When CH eliminated regional boards and made everything the hot cities, it pretty much eliminated all folks not in those locales.

Rest of Europe category?

I generally agree with you and prefer wider, rather than narrower. But we are where we are - we play here at HO’s discretion and the decision has been taken. I just need to know where to post about what I expect to be a great Cypriot seafood mezze when I get to eat it. Or my next rijstaffel in Amsterdam. Or my next Flemish beef stew in Ieper ( know where to post , for the place 15 miles away across the border into France). If that’s “Rest of US and World” then I’m cool with that.


Yeah, put it in Rest of US and world for now. I think some of the US boards can be consolidated given the lack of traffic and the ‘rest of US’ posts will combine with some of the boards that don’t get much traffic.

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As someone posting or looking for information, it’s not clear which places have a special board what places belong to the rest world.

So I feel even with the lack of traffic, it will be the best to split the boards like this:

  • Rest of US
  • Rest of Europe
  • Middle East and Africa

Another suggestion, can things be grouped like this?
For example under the big Europe board:


  • UK, Ireland
  • Paris, France
  • Italy, Spain, Portugal
  • the rest of Europe

To make things more complicated, France has some outer territories, they are part of France, but geographically located in America and Indian Ocean… Or should they be grouped in France :roll_eyes: :wink:

The five French overseas departments are French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte and Réunion.

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I think it’s probably most convenient if they are in the appropriate geographical board, as that’s where I think folk would first look for them.

The UK has similar territories, although they are fully integrated into the country as France’s are. We have the “close to home” islands - Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. And then we have a handful of “overseas” territories - Gibraltar and Bermuda, for example. Whilst Gibraltar is a tourist destination in its own right, it’s also a “day trip” destination for folk holidaying on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

I suppose the boards need to reflect actual and potential traffic. That’s obviously going to be based on where contributors both live and visit. For example, based on tourism statistics, more Britons holiday in the Netherlands, Greece and Germany , than do in Portugal.

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Typo alert. That should have read “not fully integrated”


Could I ask that we include one more board at some point as another giant region has been left out and lumped into other? I would love a South America/Caribbean board. Not a lot of traffic for that area yet but just posting in other means whatever is posted will be lost in the flotsam and jetsam like so much seaweed floating by. I am planning a trip soon to a particular island that is known for having some of the best food in the West Indies and I would selfishly like to have a place to post other than other as I plan to write up some reviews. Thanks.

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