Issues with "Tracking"?

On the WFD #8 thread, I have this Tracking comment:

And that is correct - I did post several replies in that topic. And I DO receive new notifications when someone posts something new in that thread.

However, on the WFD #9 thread, I have this Tracking comment:

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I’m not sure why HO isn’t recognizing that I’ve posted in the WFD #9 thread as well (last did so on Wednesday evening), nor why it isn’t notifying me of new posts in the thread. Even though it says it will notify me, HO isn’t doing so. The only way I see new comments in that #9 thread right now is by going to a previous “like” by Scubadoo on one of my posts in that thread, and then scrolling down to find whatever new comments have been made.

The only other thing I can do is switch WFD #9 to “Watching” - which I’m not just doing - I’m actively participating.

Any idea what the bugaboo is?

So nothing on why WFD #9 still isn’t notifying me of posts in that thread?

When you said notify, what kind of notification do you typically receive until #9?

I see notifications when i click on my user icon. are you getting those?

Exactly that - I would see a number next to my avatar and it would show that there were three threads I had participated on that had responses. That’s how I got to this thread - my avatar had a blue 3, so I knew there were 3 threads that had responses or likes.

The only time that happens with WFD #9 is when someone has liked a post of mine. Otherwise, I have to scroll go to the HO Home Page and click on the word “Unread”. Not that that is an issue, except it does require going back to the Home Page each time.

Today - that blue 3 represented two “likes” on the WFD thread for two different posts of mine, and the response on this Site Discussion thread.

I just find it odd that two threads that I’ve posted frequently on have two different tracking messages, and I don’t get notified if someone responses on WFD #9.

hmmph. let me file a bug report tomorrow. this is weird.

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Yeah- it didn’t become any clearer to me after the developer and another person chimed in on this oddity. In other words, its confusing to everybody, not just to you.

Well, that’s not very helpful. :unamused: I guess I’ll have to wait and see what happens when the June WFD thread starts up in about 8 days.

Thanks for checking.

The issue continues to happen - now with this thread:

Original thread started 5 days ago; I posted on it 1 day ago. The tracking notification says:

I only knew there was a new post by seeing at the bottom of another thread (the WFD #9 one) that I had 1 Unread post, and 17 New Posts. Clicking on the hyperlink for the Unread post brought me to the latest comment.

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