ISO Newish or Best Ethiopian?

Our little food group always loves Habesha in Malden, but I was wondering whether anyone has a solid recommendation for another Ethiopian restaurant in the area (Camb, Arl, Wat, Walth, etc.)?


Also in Malden - went to Mulu Ethiopian Restaurant a few days ago, and thought it was great. The sambusa especially was among the best I’ve had - delicate, flaky crust and a filling with serious depth. Mulu also has a terrific beer list, including beer from Negus, a great Virginia-based brewery owned by Africans and specializing in African-style beers. Injera could not have tasted fresher, dishes were all piping hot and delicious, and service was warm and efficient. Highly recommend it.


Hmm we get around! Yea Mulu is very good, a 3 year old place whose owner is Mulu. It definitely holds up to Habsesha and it’s in another part of town, in the same plaza as Golden Garden, a place I want to go back to soon. It has more natural light than Habesha if that matters but still has a bar. Sheger Cafe in North Cambridge next door to what is or used to be Suvaii, not sure what’s going on there, which it self was an offshoot of a beloved Sri Lankan cookery inside a small market in Malden as well, looks pretty good in photos, but haven’t tried it yet.


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Correction to the post above: Mulu is in Medford, not Malden. Close though!

That strip mall has a lot of good stuff. In addition to Mulu and Golden Garden, there’s Sunrise Cuisine for excellent Haitian food. The Haitian food scene in these parts is robust and deserves its own roundup here. I may start that soon.


Pretty sure it’s Malden.

Actually I tried Sheger and forgot. The taste was fine but the portion a bit small.

Website says Malden.

Previous mention of Sheger Cafe:

Yes you’re all correct as I was the first time. Malden it is. I was thrown off because Sunrise Cuisine - 3 storefronts over - has a Medford address according to Google. But that’s because Google still has their old address. Sunrise moved a little awhile ago from 100 yards away,!which was Medford. In any case, all of these places are essentially on the Malden-Medford border.

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Many years ago I had a decade-long visiting position at Tufts. The Somerville-Medford line ran through my office. You could legally smoke at one end, but not at the other (not that I was ever a tobacco smoker).

(Side comment: It was in that office in the mid 1990s that I ran a demo for several Boston food people – including the owners of a certain cheese shop – of a new thing quaintly called the “World Wide Web”. I suggested they set up web presences. Their responses ran the gamut from the dismissive to the derisive. There was a lot of talk about the personal touch that these places offered, the human contact, and so forth. One owner even added: “why should I put up information that’s taken me years to collect and just give it away for free?” Now, of course, every one of them is on the Web, although their sites have varying degrees of functionality and usefulness.)