ISO kitchen timer, battery-powered

Not being used for culinary purposes. Needs to be programmable to at LEAST 90 minutes, and to sound until it is turned off.

Your smartphone?


I don’t much care for smartphones. Mine is rarely even on, muchless used.

Less about a specific model, but do you think you would like a digit timer which you turn like the traditional mechanical timer?


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Maybe more than you you need but this timer (rec to me by another HO person) is great. 4 dif sounds and can program voices instead of sounds.

5th generation Amazon echo dot with clock display. You can set multiple named timers (e.g. “Alexa, set a 30 minute bread timer”) with voice commands, and it will display a countdown timer on its display. It will ring for an hour before giving up. It can also do math, tell you the weather, answer random questions, and play radio stations/stream music, all without a paid subscription.

All-New Echo Dot (5th Gen, 2022 release) with clock | Smart speaker with clock and Alexa | Cloud Blue

I just use the timer on my microwave. It goes to 99 minutes. My ThermoWorks thermometers have timers, too, but I forget that function if I’m not actually using them for … thermometers.

Yes, a turning digital timer would be fine.

Thanks but no thanks. I’ll keep my brain and hands working better as long as I USE them.

Since there’s a non-zero chance I’ll burn my house down someday forgetting something on the stove, I really rely on the Thermoworks extra big and loud timer. If I get distracted while something is on a slow simmer, this can be set loud enough that you can’t miss it no matter where you are in the house.


I love this timer. It can time three things at once and I have used that “multiple” timer feature countless times. It can be programmed for
many hours. I got mine at Williams Sonoma with a coupon, but they are widely available and you can probably get it for less than WS charges.

Not sure what you’re using it for but I use the Thermoworks TimeStack. It’s programmable to more than 90 minutes, you can set the alarm in different tones and at different volumes, and you can even record your own alarm or voice.

I have used one. They have some advantages and disadvantages. The turning digital timer has more of this natural feel to it, and users do not need to enter many buttons. On the other hand, users may need to make many turns to enter a long time.

Not promoting it. Just want to share the ups and downs.

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Others have suggested specific timers from Thermoworks. Here they all are, on one page:

I also use a free phone app called Timesoutely Lite that I like. It gives % of time used/remaining, tickles you 1 minute out, and is very loud. Easy to set, but single timer only, though

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