ISO great Portuguese Muffins - what bakery has them and will ship?

I went to college in NH, and a local pizza joint sold Portuguese muffins, which was my first exposure. Plain, with butter and jam, or as the bread for all their burgers and famous chicken sandwich. Looking for a little nostalgia trip. Now on the west coast, and entirely disconnected from the east coast bakery scene. I understand the epicenter for Portuguese food on the right coast is Fall River Mass. Thanks!!

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Do you recall a store called “Ocean State Job Lot” when you were back east? They regularly stock the muffins of which you speak (I forget which bakery but I’m pretty sure it’s one from Fall River). Maybe a sympathetic east coast Onion could ship them to you?

Send me a direct message if you’re interested in this proposition.

I was in Hanover, NH. Extremely small town. No such store there, at the time. I could be interested in such a proposition, but I would guess that the bakeries could also ship. I think I just need the NE HOs’ help to identify a bakery with a good product. Ps - I don’t know how to dm people on this chat.

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Click on the user name or icon, then when the window opens click on the message icon.


@Sasha - I’ve never enjoyed the muffins you speak of, but have some familiarity with Portuguese breads from our times in Hawaii. The bread, and malasadas, specifically.

I looked for recipes in David Leite’s Portuguese cookbook, with no luck, but found a number online. Are you inclined to bake at all? It could be a fun experience with you hopefully ending up with something that’s passable, from what you remember. The recipes I saw looked pretty straightforward, and looked like English Muffins, although I’m sure they taste much different. In any case, that type of bread is pretty easy to make, and could be a fun experiment. Please understand, I have no way of knowing your time constraints or willingness to bake. I do know that muffins of all types have a relatively short time span in which they taste their best.

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I actually did try making a recipe of these at home a few months ago, and they really didn’t taste much like my memory at all. I believe I posted it on the baking thread. I might try again, but in awhile. Meantime, I would love to have some shipped. I found a couple of bakeries that will ship, and I’ll probably give them a head to head taste-off.


Yes @Sasha, I seem to remember a fairly recent discussion. Please let us know if you get some shipped, and how they relate to your memories. Wishing you luck! (Can’t help it, but think perhaps more sugar, and eggs added to a generic recipe may possibly do the trick) Could be way off base here though…

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I live in Somerville on the Boston line, so not near Fall River, but I googled “Portuguese Bakery Fall River MA” and got several hits for online ordering. I don’t have any personal experience with any of these bakeries, and I don’t know if the online ordering means only pick up or if they ship. Here’s one:!/about

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