ISO fiddlehead ferns in Oakland / EB


It’s that time of year… and I’m attempting to seek out all the different ways fiddlehead ferns can be served in restaurants. Please let me know if you spot it!



In a dish that exudes spring, Jew blends fava beans with fiddlehead ferns and cabbage, then gives them a warming glow with doubanjiang, a chile sauce he also makes with fava beans ($19).


Sad to miss this!

Part of the menu includes a fiddlehead fern ohitashi and freshly shaved katsuoboshi.

(kc) #4

If this is the same thing as gosari, it used to be included in bibimbap in most Korean restaurants in the Bay Area.

I’ve been seeing less and less of it recently, though.


Wursthall should be serving some fiddleheads soon.