ISO copycat recipe for Wegmans food court creamy Asian shrimp

Chef Google let me down. Does anyone know what’s in that thick, creamy, somewhat sweet sauce? It seems a bit fruity. I wonder if there’s a hint of pineapple and if so, perhaps the cream is coconut milk…I don’t smell or taste coconut but could well be wrong.

Are you talking about prawns in a honey walnut sauce per chance? If so, I do have a recipe, and surprisingly, the sauce is mayonnaise, with honey, and the toasted, candied? Walnuts. Don’t know if there’s a version with chicken or other types of seafood.

I need to get to Wegmans … it’s been way too long. I probably shouldn’t post since I haven’t had Wegmans in way too long to remember what it tastes like. But based on your description and the previous post, here is a link to a recipe in case this seems right. A great little place in Weston (Boston area - Dumpling Daughter) serves their version of this as a special and it is quite tasty.

A search will also show versions with just orange and yuzu juices.

“Creamy” often equals mayo. Mayo isn’t Asian but whatever.

As most of the dishes aren’t authentic with Chinese restaurants in the US. They are adaptations or totally new versions with Asian flavors.

At one of our favorite places, (Indochine) they have the most wonderful appetizer, with chicken, mango and cashews in puff pastry rounds. Asked the server for the name so I could look up a recipe. He said they just made it up. Think Wild Ginger in Seattle. And many other places that serve food not strictly from Vietnam, or Cambodia or wherever. They will have Japanese, and foods from Indonesia on their menus, in addition to some Chinese favorites. The honey walnut prawns are truly delicious, and I first had them at a Chinese place. I then ran across the recipe in a cookbook from Hawaii. Talk about a melting pot there, but so fun to eat.

I don’t think we need to be parochial about stuff like this, it’s only food.

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Thanks, Hunions! The Wegmans dish has no nuts and I don’t think the shrimp are dredged or deep fried, but the orange mayo mixture sounds right. I have Kewpie mayo and TrueOrange powder on hand, and will add shrimp to the grocery list.

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Please let us know how your creation works out; also happy to send the recipe if you like.

I heard that they sell a frozen version of the squash, spinach, and cranberry side that is always a food court hot item. So before I experiment, next time I shop at Wegmans I am going to check what’s in the frozen seafood entree case.

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Sounds like a good plan.

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In Nordic countries it’s normal to mix cream with prawns or crab meat (and top with salmon roe). Eaten cold, btw.