ISO Braised cod recipe linked long ago on Chowhound

My recipe collection vanished during home renovation. :sob: On Chowhound someone posted a recipe involving cod (I used monkfish) cooked with cream, potatoes, thyme, and IIRC, wine, onion, and fish stock. It is more soup than stew, and luscious. I ordered fresh monk for home delivery two days from now. Anybody have the actual recipe?

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You might have posted it here on HO - is this it? (Scroll down to the “This stew from A Flash in the Pan…”


I bet that is the one. Fingers crossed for @greygarious !

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That’s IT. Thank you SO much!!! Furthermore, I asked the daughter of a late friend if SHE had the recipe because I had shared it with Kathy, her mother, and I know it was a success with her family. Julianne said the binder of her mom’s recipes is, sadly, misplaced but she remembered how good this one was. She will be happy to be able to recreate the dish…