ISO a great recipe for homemade chili powder

I posted this same question last year and, since chili season is here again, I thought I’d ask again.

There are quite a few Mexican grocery stores in my area that carry a large selection of dried chiles. I’d like to make my own chili powder, but I’m a little overwhelmed by the choice of chilis. I need some guidance for making a moderately hot, mildly smokey, well-balanced powder. Which chiles should I use and in what ratio? Thanks!

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I use:
3 Ounces Guajillo or New Mexico
1 Ounce Ancho
1 Ounce Chipotle or Morita (you can adjust for heat/ smoke tolerance)
Optional Arbol/Cascabel or Tepin to taste for heat

You have to adjust and play to suit your own tastes.
This yields a bright red, fairly smokey Powder.
Most commercial blends will also contain Oregano, Cumin, Onion/Garlic Powder as well

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I prefer not to make a mix. That way you can adjust for the dish, the diners and your whim.

I do like to make my own powders when I can. I put dried chilies on a cookie sheet at 225 for 5 to 10 mins. They get soft and flexible and are easier to clean and remove seeds and stems. Open them up and lay them as flat as you can and back in for another 10 to 15. Let them cool a bit and they get crackly like a potato chip. Then it’s into a grinder to make powder. Always has more flavor than when I buy powder at the store.

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