Is veganism the new terrorism?

I also agree.

Especially because there are millions of monks around the world that eat vegan. Their statement is offered by example, with no pressure, nor judgment.


This is like every other group. The majority are balanced, polite people who don’t get sound bites. The fringe is what becomes “news worthy”.

I know vegetarians who came to their diet from many different pov. Morality of taking life has been the crux of the decision to become vegan with each one I’ve spoken to at length. A point based on your perception of morality can easily become an explosive topic.

I’m more apt to seriously consider a differing pov when the speaker is respectful and presenting information in a rational, informed manner.


There’s an exception to every rule - monks are not 100% pacifists, see Burma/Myanmar. They may or may not eat vegan, my point is that anyone who feels strongly enough may resort to violence, even monks and animal lovers.

The monks in Burma are not attacking people for eating meat, and yes, of course not all monks are vegan. My point is, many are, and are not militant, like the majority of vegans in the world.

P.S. @Babette, where have you been? I’ve not noticed seen much of you lately!

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True. 10 years ago when I first traveled to Asia I was surprised how many Buddhists (not monks, just people I worked with) were not vegetarian. Probably in part a lack of strict adherence to dogma and part poverty. I shouldn’t have been so surprised, I don’t adhere to the religious dogma I grew up with, either!

I’m around, just not in New Jersey, where most of the action here seems to be centered :slight_smile:

Oh, and PETA has been around since the 80’s so this phenomenon of food extremists bringing havoc to private property isn’t all that new.

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Within veganism there is also a distinction between “ethical” vegans and “dietary “ vegans; the ethical vegans are more likely to be involved in activism at some level as well as more aware of using any personal products or cleaning products with animal products or purchasing any home furnishings made from animal products , etc… whereas dietary vegans are more lenient about items they don’t consume. (Ie they may own and wear an old pair of leather shoes purchased pre-vegan diet adoption)

I think “strict vegetarian” is a better term than “dietary vegan.” I eat that way most of the time. Veganism has enough of a radical element that I don’t care to be associated with it.

It amuses me that the Buddha Bowl has become sort of a vegan thing because Buddha wasn’t vegan. I don’t think Buddha was even vegetarian.


Sorry, but that is complete BS - instead of just reading about you should just talk with vegans. I know quite a number of them and there are obviously always idiots in every demographics but I doubt that vegans have a higher % of militans. (your argument unfortunately sounds very much what Trump is using for immigrants or the islam - using a few outliers to generalize for a whole subsection of a population)


Absolutely. I’m open to new ideas and would not mind talking with both “ethical” and “dietary” vegans if I ever meet them. Within a group there’s always risk for extremism, as with other organisations, I listed a few things that kept coming up in my search. I also mentioned the moderate, peaceful ones exit and not all are militant (found a few blogs by these, who are concerned about actions by the extremists).

Searching the internet has nothing to do with reality (selection bias)


There have also been instances in India of violence against people suspected of selling or eating beef. It may have been beef, it may have actually been lamb, it may have been more about religion than diet per se, but still extremists putting the life of a cow above the life of a person.

on beef lynchings:

"Of all the social fault lines caused by cultural and religious sensitivities surrounding food in India, none cut deeper than beef and beef-eating. Religious revivalism and political mobilization have exacerbated longstanding taboos on cow meat in many Hindu communities in modern India. Cow slaughter has long been illegal in most of the country—just this summer, new rules banning the sale of cattle for slaughter threw local meat and tannery industries, staffed and run in significant numbers by Muslims and people of marginalized castes, into disarray. "

“Across India, the BJP’s victory seemed to embolden “cow protection” vigilantes, bands of men who claim to be motivated by their reverence for the animal. In the wake of “the Modi wave,” BJP-ruled states enacted legislation tightening existing anti-beef laws, clamping down on cattle sales and even the possession of beef.”

"Following widespread protests after Junaid’s lynching, Modi delivered a tepid and generalized rebuke in a speech the week following Eid, this time invoking Gandhi directly. The father of the nation, he suggested, would have disapproved of murder in the name of cow worship. Meanwhile, an analysis of English news reports by the data portal IndiaSpend indicates at least 20 such “cow terror” attacks have occurred just this year; "

I always knew them as hippie bowls- although of course on any menu they were just referred to as a mix and match bowl option, or at Angelica’s kitchen they called it a dragon bowl for whatever reason (and those were the best of the genre!)

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Late last year while my wife and I joined her sister and her husband for dinner one of our nieces (14 yo) announced that she was now a vegan. sigh I rattled off all the things I know are the mainstay of her diet. Chicken nuggets, egg-based elbow macaroni with butter, cheesy chips (nachos with cheese), lots of Parmesan on everything, … it was a long list. Now she hates me. That’s okay - she is entering the permanent sullen phase of adolescence and is often pretty miserable to be around.

Her mother (my wife’s sister) has informed us that said niece has decided she’s a lesbian. sigh I expect this will mean she is a lesbian who kisses boys as well as a vegan who eats chicken.


It’s tough being 14-years-old.

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Am I the only one who thinks that we have all gone crazy?

When did the only way to get your point across become violence?

Religion, Race, Politics, and now food???

I am tired of typing question marks.


I think 17 is old enough to make your own rules about what you’ll eat, especially since he plans to buy and prepare his meals himself. I am pro-vegan but anti-proselytizing, which means I have to walk a pretty narrow path sometimes.


Sure. It’s harder being around 14yo’s.

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In German we say, “Wem sagen Sie das?” Who are you telling that to!!!