Is this food service on anyone's radar?

I caught this pop up ad while reading the Sunday paper this morning. This item is one of many offering shipment to your door. I really don’t know what to think about item pricing I’m seeing here…

I would not pay that price for feedlot beef, but that’s just my preference.

I buy grass fed beef that is wet aged and I usually buy a whole rib roast primal to cut into 2" thick steaks, but for comparison, here’s a per lb guide to what their cut steaks cost.

I always give it some dry aging time, including salting, in the fridge before eating. Very buttery and tender from these guys.

Forgive me, but Pat LaFreida is a bit more than just another everyday meat joint, or so I’ve always read. Is it all marketing?

There are a host more meat purveyors listed on the website, than only Pat LaFreida.

My eyes bugged out when I saw the per piece price for the Tomahawk Steak. That’s the only reason I pulled that page over here. :grin:

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Oh, I understand. Stone soup implied they were just everyday steaks; I would never pay that either! :slight_smile:
This gives me a good idea for a thread. Maybe we can assemble a list of small local or regional purveyors like those Goldbely listings just among ourselves. Hidden gems.


Terrific idea!

I know Detroit & SE Michigan has a number of esteemed meat packers and farmers supplying to restaurants and consumers alike.

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I need to get to a real computer rather than my phone , so give me a day or two.
My part of the World seems overrun by folks with an idea or recipe that can conquer the food chain. Some of them have. :slight_smile:

I mentioned that they were feedlot steaks, but I actually know what prime meat is, bbqboy. I know some folks prefer grain/corn fed prime meats. :wink:

I just offered a price comparison, and an option. By taking a few minutes to cut a primal into steaks, I get the particular qualities I want and add some age. The same option may be available from sellers of feedlot beef, too.

Oh, I know. I agree with your view.
Didn’t mean to imply it was wrong. Being in small town Oregon. I only know about things like Pat LaFreita by reputation, not actual interaction
Tis’ interesting, I’ve lived about equal time now between big city living and (relatively) Small town Oregon. There’s a lot of stuff grown, made, cooked in our own land we don’t know much about in spite of the internet, or maybe because of. In some ways it has concentrated rather than expanded our horizons on all fronts.

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I started caring a lot about food provenance and quality years ago, and also about using local as much as I could find and afford to. Then I got whacked by a problem with histamine in foods, and for a while had to have the freshest meats, frozen immediately at time of slaughter, so that got me buying online directly from a farm in GA so I knew that prices can vary widely. Then I started using U.S. Wellness because I can tolerate meat with some age on it now, and unaged steak is just BAD…

One has to weigh the price of “wet aged” meat moisture content against the actual protein vs. fluid you’re paying for when meat has longer hang time. For me, that longer time is a bad bargain because all that aging comes in the form of biogenic amines including histamine, the stuff I have to avoid.

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Very interesting to me.
I’m trying my best not to die from kidney disease.
Potassium, phosphorus, magnesium are my death sentence so I’m a label reader.
We might be getting off in the weeds,
but I’m all in on fresh and natural foods
And that’s one of the best things about the growing paradise that is Southern Oregon. Take care. :slight_smile:

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So sorry to know about your food restrictions. . . That may be a good thread to start. My spouse had a kidney transplant in '13 but before then cooking was so difficult, having to avoid so many essential food items (guacamole!! Potatoes!!) There are a lot of people out there w/the same issues.

The price is a bit high, but Pat LaFrieda has excellent meats. I have met them and eaten the steak several times.


And here’s a Detroit iconic food offered by Goldbely!

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I’m really sorry about your kidney disease. I know it can be reversed if it’s due to diabetes, because I did that, but that there are other types of damage not to amenable.

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Thanks. I’m used to it now. I consider
me successful because my nephrologist has managed to keep me off dialysis.
Fresh food is all important these days.
No diabetes, just old worn out kidneys. :slight_smile:

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I’ve used Goldbely to send a few holiday gifts across the country. They are pricey. I do appreciate that there are some items where the shipping is included because that is really the killer in sending perishables. Everything I’ve sent has been well-received thus far.


Wishing you all the best, bbqboy.

Thank you for your reply, Homestyle. I think if we got a foods gift from a Goldbely vendor, we would be blissed.

Pulling the trigger on a purchase for our own consumption–that’s another matter, all together. :meat_on_bone:


Yeah, I can’t do that either. It does score points with in-laws, though. :wink: