Is This a Demeyere 5 Layer Pan?

I have an old Demeyere saute pan and would like help to identify it. By design, this looks like the Demeyer five-layer 3-quart saute pan. But:

  1. The pan weighs 4.8 pounds when Demeyere’s data sheet says the “Demeyere 5” 3-quart saute pan should weigh 5.6 pounds. Did they make these thicker recently?
  2. The bottom of the pan does not say Demeyere 5.

Did Demeyere ever make this design as a three-layer pan?

I might be wrong, but that looks like the Industry Saute.

Demeyere Industry is the five-layer pan. I had already identified it as that based on styling. But what about the mis-match in weight?

Does anyone have this pan and can you weigh it? Is it 4.8 pounds or 5.6 pounds? Demeyere’s data sheet might be wrong.

Maybe Pawson?

The John Pawson saute pans look different:

Yeah, you’re right, but the handles are every bit as ugly.

Tell me again, why don’t you think it’s Industry 5? Just the weight?

There should be a control number etched into the bottom. Or has it been worn away?

For that matter, there is no pan body difference between Industry 5, Sensation and 5Plus. See,,same%20in%20terms%20of%20functionality.

Not that I’m aware of. But you must realize that all these pans are effectively triply–they all have aluminum cores, not interleaved layers of steel and aluminum. So what difference does it make if there are 3 layers o aluminum in the core or one?

Berondi has the 24cm Industry sauté weighing 2.1kg which is roughly your 4.8 pounds.

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It’s a Demeyere Industry 5 layer PLY sauter pan.
No matter what it weighs - unless it’s a well made fake of course.

Pawson looks nothing like this.
But the Pawson sauter pan also looks kind of not so nice…


The pan looks thinner and lighter than I would expect from Demeyere.

Thanks for confirming the weight around 4.8 pounds.

Would I prefer 5.6 pounds? Yes, but 4.8 pounds is not terribly light. All the confusing variants of this pan have slightly different handles. Part of that 0.8 pound difference may be explainable in terms of that.