Is there a way to hide certain users posts ?


I’m new here.
If I want to completely hide posts and replies from a specific member, can this be done here ?

I would like to not see anything at all on this board from that specific member ?

Is this possible ?

This is to avoid getting banned from this site.
I see RED whenever I read posts from this specific member.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, we have.

Discussion here.



I also asked about this a couple of weeks back, Claus. Since then, I’ve found it very useful as I no longer see posts from a particular contributor.


Thanks for your quick help.

I come from Chowhound, so does he, and this particular member makes me lose my control over my temper.

Claus - I think we may have a different culture to that at CH, but I don’t think it’s really appropriate to pretty much identify someone in that way. Maybe just delete that sentence and carry on with the “ignore”


I’ll do that. Thanks for the tip !


We all already know who you’re talking about. You’ve flat out named him in the past.

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Sorry about that……

Actually I have no clue who is being referenced. I was on CH, but like many HOs I left that site 5+ years ago. And there are also quite a few HOs who were never on CH.


Claus has the solution to his problem. Can we not all leave this now and just welcome all our newcomers. Then was then. And now is now.


(post deleted by author)

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