Ignore button?

Excuse me if this has already been answered, I did try to look for an answer. Ignore button is helpful when there are posters who flood a conversation with their posts. I see posters with ‘awards’ for their number of posts, isn’t this encouraging extraneous posts for those who want ‘awards’?

I have long wanted an ignore button as there are some posters who’s posts I just don’t need/want. For the most part those people have slowly left the site over time, but I’d still like one.

That said, I haven’t experienced anyone posting so much just to get “awards” - the awards on here are pretty ignored in the site design. IMHO.


Most web forums have ignore option. And only mods have access to tagging.

Doesn’t bother me, though. There should be an option to disable the “badges”.

Awards? I thought the community using the agree icon (fork/spoon) were utilizing this built in feature to acknowledge replies.

If their is an awards ceremony, I have a used tux to lend :wink:


You can ignore users with this tool mentioned.



Everybody can add tags when creating a new thread. More here.

@naf, Now I’m confused. Aren’t the references made for contributing to this forum community supported? Why would I ignore someone’s contributions by removing them from my sights if they are supported by fellow HO’s at that level? It’s not a contest. How can this be offensive?

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Good question. We should be all contributing to build the community. I wasn’t aware of the existence of this feature until I did a search and saw it isn’t deactivated on our forum software. I tested it, it works.

I don’t think it is encouraged as ignoring other members can also create problems. But in case of involving in a very hot conversations or topics, this feature might be useful to calm oneself.

Thank you for the reply. I have a lot to learn about forums .

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I don’t think those awards are of much importance personally.


A couple months ago I noticed a 20% next to my name all of a sudden. So I stopped posting for awhile and it went away. Personally, I don’t care for this particular feature, but I gather a lot of people don’t seem to mind.

Personally, I don’t really know if such things make a diff or not. But the forum has many forms of recognition beyond a tiny badge or award near a s/n.

Comments in particular supporting a specific poster in a thread filled with contributing ideas.
DMing someone off thread
Running a best of poster discussion on the NJ board

It’s all in good fun and a playful way to connect. It would never occur to me that it’s anything more than that.

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What is that? My kids will be disappointed that I don’t 8. No they won’t. Vindicated is what they’ll be.


Direct messaging


Well this is interesting.

On some heated topics I’ve wondered about this… but then I always go back to - it’s better to know what someone is saying, even if it’s distasteful or whatever other trigger to me.

And I’d also like to think there are cycles, and people can change (me included).

To the topic of too many replies, one can always scroll past…


It took me a while to figure that one out too (on another site) and I still don’t know where it comes from originally, though I am curious. Presumably it’s from one or another of the more millenial-oriented social media sites (and I avoid them all like the Plague they are.:wink:), but I don’t know which one…

On the other site, it was doubly confusing since the site programmer called/calls that facility “private messaging” (PMing) and most people who’ve been using the site for any period of time use that abbreviation. When I started seeing “DM”, I assumed it was something “different”, but then one daysomeone used it in a more obvious than usual context and the lightbulb finally went on…

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I can’t say I’ve ever noticed that sort of behavior here, and even on sites where it does occasionally happen, public shaming for really “constant” irrelevant posting usually discourages it pretty quickly…:wink:

There are a couple of posters whose posts I could very easily live without, for example, on the others sites where I’ve ever felt a need to “ignore” anyone, it’s because no matter how frequently/infrequently they post, it’s not because they post “too often” or because I disagree with them more often than not, but because whatever they do post almost always inane   (imo, of course) and I am too often (for my own comfort) tempted to point that out to them… Fortunately that rarely happens here, and on the rare occasions it has, the poster is usually new and hasn’t lasted long enough to become a real irritant (to me)…

Here, I almost always use the notifications menu and “unread” and “new” thread links at the top of the home page to “browse” the forums, and either just don’t open threads I don’t have/have lost interest in, or occasionally select the “muted” notification option when I’ve totally lost interest, or its a topic that simply has no relevance for me…


Thanks for posting this . . . I’m in the mood for an ignore button again LOL. tempted to give it a try . . .

(just needing to vent)

If other things wind up getting me offline for a few days, returning with refreshed eyes is helpful.