[Ipoh, Malaysia] "Nga Choy Kai" from Ayam Tauke, Buntong.

Restoran Ayam Tauke (Est. 1985) is run by a 3rd-generation member of the Wong family of Lou Wong fame - Wong Chwee Lian is the grand-daughter of founder of the famous Lou Wong “nga choy kai” (beansprouts-chicken) dynasty, which started of as a road-side stall along Jalan Leong Sin Nam in Ipoh New Town. The proprietress is a friendly lady - her two brothers run the ever-popular Lou Wong in Ipoh New Town, which seemed very touristy these days, whilst her Buntong eatery exuded a more homely atmosphere.

  1. Poached chicken, bathed in a tasty soysauce-based dressing.

  1. Poached beanspouts (“nga choy”) with soy-chicken fat-sesame oil dressing, topped with cut red chillis, chopped scallions & shallots.

  1. Poached chicken livers - for me, an indispensable part of a chicken rice meal.

  1. Pork meatball soup.

  1. “Hor fun” - the fine-textured Ipoh flat rice noodles, served in a flavoursome chicken consommé and topped with chopped scallions.

  1. Steamed rice - pretty tasteless here, not the chicken-flavoured Hainanese chicken rice I thought it would be.

Address: Restoran Ayam Tauke, 849 Jalan Guntong, Buntong, Ipoh, Malaysia.

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