Invitation: Aug 20th @Noon, East Harbor Dim Sum, Sunset Park, Brooklyn

We have eight confirmed for Dim Sum, give a shout if you’d like to join.



If I didn’t already have plans, I would join. Do you guys do these often?

I think it’s our fourth group dinner. We started a couple of months ago.

There have been a few this summer, and they’ve all been posted here.

Frequency will depend on interest (both in planning and attending) and availability, so if you want to plan one / join one just jump in!

See you in a couple of hours. Anyone who wants to join last minute can do so if we know you’re there when we give them the # of us who will be, no doubt, waiting for a table.

I did not get nearly as many pictures as I should have, because I was too busy shoving food into my face. But here’s some of what we had:

Sesame ball, vegetable & shrimp dumpling, taro puff stuffed with pork, har gow. Har gow is my benchmark dim sum dish, and I have nothing bad to say about this version, nor about the sesame balls. The vegetable & shrimp dumplings were also very good, although not quite as nice texture-wise as Tim Ho Wan’s, which are the best I’ve ever had.


Shrimp paste on green pepper, fish balls, fish pancake. The fish balls were my favorite of these, very springy, and even better with a hit of mustard or hot oil.

shrimp paste

fish balls

fish pancake

Vegetable roll, kind of weak link, as it was too greasy and gummy.

vegetable roll

Overall, a very fine meal, and these five dishes are the barest representation of what was on offer. We waited about 45:00 for a party of six, and the carts rolled by thick and fast. Thanks to whoever suggested this place, @SteveR ? @vinouspleasure ? Great company, as always.


Gaaah I’m so sad I missed this!

Was this savory?

Very interesting. Have not eaten this before.

I miss this – seems harder to find these days.

Have not eaten. The pancakes look very interesting.

Thanks for sharing!

No, sweet. I really should’ve saved it for later, but, eh, food’s in front of me, must eat.

Ginny knew it right away. I only ate the taro part, which was reminiscent of glutinous mashed potatoes. In a good way.

Right? There’s a Malaysian dish that’s similar - shrimp paste stuffed into a pepper, kind of like a jalapeno popper.

Well, no. But they were pleasant.

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I’ll wait for photos from our other photographer to remember all the other dishes the 6 of us ate, but I have to say that this was a very good meal. The variety of dishes offered was way more impressive than any other place I’ve been to in quite awhile, with non-duplicative carts coming by all the time. In fact, there were many dishes that I’ve never seen at a dim sum, such as a heaping plate of salt/pepper fried squid (done perfectly), & others, like the taro, that we love and don’t regularly find (we ate a lot of this on our trips to Hawaii, where its a staple at dim sum). The quality of the ingredients and kitchen skill was also above the norm. All was fresh & most were well enjoyed. Of course, any time I can eat 2 kinds of tripe, I’m a happy camper. We ate quite a lot &, unless they made a major mistake on the bill, charging $20+tip/person is ridiculously undervalued. I’d go back in a flash.


I will happily join!

Same. That and shumai. And maybe cheong fun. Ok that’s three benchmarks, lol.

The trouble with me using cheong fun as a benchmark is that I almost always think it’s good. So that doesn’t work. It’s like if I tried to rate Cheetos. These are great! These are also great!


Hopefully you got to taste the shrimp cheong fun before I helped make it disappear. Nicely done. Better than Cheetos.

I think I had about a half a roll. It was very good.

ditto! so sorry to have missed this meal (but wouldnt have missed the wedding we attended instead)

Wonderful company, the quality and breadth of the dim sum excellent but I’d have preferred warmer food Still, I’d love to go back (as long as the N train is running!) and a big thank you to steve for introducing us to the second tripe/spleen dish, it was delicious!

Rather than post 20-some photos, here’s a link to see them on my Flickr account:

For the captions, I’ve used the English-language names in East Harbor’s dim sum menu:

Good food, good company. Hope absent friends can join us next time!


Nice! And of course I’m the one snatching a dumpling while you’re trying to take a picture.

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I’ve been working on my action photography …

I am happy to assist you by grabbing at whatever food you’re trying to photograph!

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