Interesting youtube channel on spice!


I was updating my “Montreal food and gift” thread (see Montreal food and gifts: what to buy, where to buy it ) and fell on a very interesting youtube channel on spices.

Philippe and Ethné de Vienne are spice royalty in Quebec. Worldly and passionate, they are the go to guy whenever someone in the Quebec media wants to discuss spices. Their flagship store in the Jean-Talon Market may very well be the single best spice store in Montreal. They have a very well established brand and offer something between spice porn and lyricism. Most of what they offer is very (!) expensive but you know you are buying the gold standard of whatever product strikes your fancy. Their packaging is superb and they make gift boxes that makes very good gift to the foodie among you. They recently published a book (The golden rule of spices) and they have a very interesting online store that ships everywhere in Canada and USA.

What I didn’t know is that they have a bilingual channel where they will talk about spices. I wanted to let people know because they don’t have a ton of view and I want them to make more! (selfish of me I know).

Here are a few videos that might be of interest to you guys

You can find more here!

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