Interesting oven

Never met a counter top appliance that I didn’t want:). Looks like it’s new to the market.

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Logically, it just has to be better than the Approximately® Oven those other guys make. :slight_smile:

(But soon they’re going to run out of Really Good Names®)

Can be interesting. Steam oven costs a lot more.

And I thought my Breville Smart Oven Air was a splurge. :flushed:

It says it has all the pro features, which is great, but there doesn’t seem to be any mention of it actually working the same way and getting the same results.

(Also, three of the best pro features are huge size, high power, and ease of repair.)

My two thoughts were the small size and who repairs.

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They do seem to be part of a trend though - countertop appliances with high prices and exotic-sounding functions seem to have become a fairly frequent thing.

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