Interesting Fusion Frozen Microwave Meals

Please share your interesting fusion frozen meal. I saw this Mozzarella, pepperoni and tomato sauce baozi today
I steamed it instead of microwaved it. The interior isn’t as beautiful as the ad photo. It is just one big cheese in the middle of chopped up pepperoni with tomato sauce. It tastes ok. The price is a little high. $5 for two frozen buns (relatively small).


Well this is certainly a very narrow topic :joy:

But I came across a butter chicken bao recently that has been on my mind — I can’t figure out whether it will be good because butter chicken anything is good, but the steamed thick doughyness might actually make it not good… though I could pan-fry it to help a bit.



I initially read the packaging as “Bro Buns”. I was confused!

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Did you get any?

I like TJ’s Philly cheesesteak bao buns - tho the shredded meat is more akin to pot roast than chopped beef.

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Everyone, I don’t mean just Bao. If you have seen a pepperoni naan or something.

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Seriously doubt they look anything like the packaging on the inside.

Last time I was in Safeway I saw BBQ pork buns in the deli… have to give them a try.

Yeah, a little disappointed that it looks nothing like this:
It was quite different.
So how did the Safeway BBQ pork buns taste? I am pretty particular with my Cantonese BBQ pork buns. I buy mine at those Dim Sum restaurants or Dim Sum outlets.

Haven’t tried them yet. The biggest bummer I see is they come with no sauce.

Back when I lived in Santa Monica, we had a dim sum place on Ocean Park that was amazing, and were provided with no less than six sauces on the table. One of my favs was the steamed BBQ pork Bao.

Picked up 4 of them today (six bucks)… microwaved them in a wet paper towel.

I don’t know why they sell these. They are smallish (about 3 inches)… filling leaves 1/2 to 3/4 inch of bun around it… which was hard and chewy. While the filling tastes good, way too much of it is chewy/fatty which caused me to spit some out.

I’ll try actually steaming the other two tomorrow to see if I can improve the texture of the dumpling, but that will not solve the filling issues.

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Keep updating us about the Safeway experience.
Yeah. I am a little demanding when it comes to BBQ steam pork buns. Most of those supermarket buns are quiet what I want.

I bet steamed will be a lot better. They can go too quickly from fluffy to inedible in the microwave.


No, my sister warned me off them

Ok… steamed them starting over cold water, and then for 15 minutes once it came to a boil… then off heat for about another 10 minutes.

Texture of the dumpling was way better. Still a little too chewy (and still way too much dumpling over the top), but this also helped the filling’s tenderness as well. Bottom line is only a little bit of each dumpling was trashed, whereas the first heating resulted in almost half the dumplings being discarded.

Would I try these again? Maybe if I get them straight from the deli (these were for pickup and packed a day earlier than yesterday - so the ones I did today were two days old). Still bummed about the thickness of the top/sides of dumpling, but these tasted much better.

I was looking at these Safeway buns at couple of days ago.

They are not expensive which is good. Based on the look of the buns, I think these are made from regular bun dough (wheat flour, water, wheat…etc). They are not made from the typical Cantonese BBQ bun dough:

In short, I think these Safeway buns will always be more chewy. Best wishes.


Baos and buns are definitely having their moment! I’ve seen them incorporated into so many Western cuisine dishes and menus.

Your post made me think of this from Costco (not sure if available any longer). They’re not marketed as Apple Pie Egg Rolls, but they are totally apple pie egg rolls. They are also completely disgusting, lest anyone try to look for these. I love good apple pie which is why I was tempted. I think I threw the box out after trying a few.


If only we have Philly cheesesteak spring rolls too.


I made something like that using leftover apple pie filling and some puff pastry. I called them ‘apple cigars’. They were a hit, topped with whipped cream.


Is Philly Cheesesteak Burrito (frozen meal) considered Fusion? I like to think so. Or do you think they are so common now that they are no longer novel?


I believe you! They have such potential, and would love a version that works. The kind at Costco had a weird chemical-ly taste to them. They were also overly greasy, and that caramel sauce was atrocious. How do you mess up just melted caramel??