Interested in the Seattle/ Vancouver board?

Interested in ramping this board up? Register your interest here:

The purpose of this thread is to connect folks from this geo so they know 1) there is mutual interest in building up the board and 2) that if one start posting there will be others who join in at the same time, to avoid the ‘are there others here?’ syndrome.

You may say, well why not just start posting? Please do that too, but please comment your interest in this thread as well. The problem is that if interested user A post a review on the 1st. Interested User B sees the review on the 15th, doesn’t comment. Interested user C sees the review on the 30th, doesn’t comment. Users A, B, and C may all individually think that there is minimal interest in such a board.

But if users A, B, and C all express their interest in this thread and start talking around the same time, we can avoid the problem of ‘the illusion of lack of interest due to time lag in interested users coming onto the site.’

With this thread, trying to see how many Pacific NW/ Vancouver folks want to post but are deterred currently because they think the board is quiet.

I think we have a few over the last few months:

and a few who joined over the last couple of days:

(I am probably missing names)

Welcome all! A few of us are working to reach out to previously active users from the area. If you find your way here, stop by and say hello!

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Hi! I’d post more if I wasn’t self employed and too broke to go out to restaurants. I used to dine out a lot but gave up steady income two years ago, haven’t been to anyplace newly opened, and admit my Intel may be out of date.

I’ve been lazy and busy these last months. I/we’ve been to Seattle three times and I haven’t posted. I will. I promise. PS: I don’t know how to “join.”

I’m also interested in having this board! I live 1/2way between SEA and Van, and am usually looking for suggestions! But I’ve gotten some good ones, and am happy to recommend when folks ask. My knowledge on these 2 bigger cities just isn’t as broad as some people’s.

Cath, I don’t think you need to do anything to join, I was reading it as encouragement to post on an existing but sparsely posted on board. Seems there are a lot of HOs in the SF bay area but not as many up here in the northwest.

I’ll just keep sluggin’ away…


Thanks, kiddo. I figured that was the case but wanted to double check. It’s been a ridiculously busy six months or so. Plus I just kinda got out of the habit of posting. I think tomorrow’s supposed to be quiet so maybe I’ll get started.

Kaleo and I are sending a bunch of invites so hopefully we’ll get more new faces here. If there are a list of posters you enjoy reading in the past that you want here, just share the list.

Take wahine out more, this restaurant bubble isn’t going to last forever!

Count me in! Always looking to learn more about the area and find out where to eat or get ingredients. Disappointed by all the highly rated restaurants that have sub-par food and service that leaves even more to be desired.

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Hi, Andrea:

Maybe better to wait for the lemmings to die back a little…

Lately I’ve been drawing more satisfaction from the Low & Divey than the buzzy upstarts.


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Yeah I’m pretty over the buzzy upstarts too. Though I hear there is a new taco place in White Center, maybe I can splurge on some carnitas.

And a few more:


Hello, all. I did get Kaleo’s invite, thanks!

Haven’t been following the newest and latest buzzy places either. Locally, I’m more inclined to stay abreast of any pending closures of favorite spots, e.g. Restaurant Zoe, Miyabi 45th. And quite honestly, I haven’t been enamored with the most recent crop of openings… it seems like we have the same four restaurateurs constantly growing their empires. Been there, done that!

I do still lurk here and at CH to look for local reco’s on Mexican food and noodle soups in general.

Elsewhere, I’ve had some memorable meals in Portland (Coquine, Imperial, Gruner), SF & NYC (Chez Panisse (finally) and a slew of tasting menus).

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I think between Kaleo and I we sent out around 60-70 invites. Got quite a bit of positive responses too. So try seeding the board with some questions, observations, etc, you may be able to bring more ‘lurkers’ on board!

welcome @val !

Ahoy! Just wanted to say hello, and express my interest in a Seattle/Vancouver board, as well.