Interested in the Seattle/ Vancouver board?

Hola! Looking forward to hearing about your favorite foods and culinary quests around town.

Good to see some familiar handles from the SEA CH board here. Sadly, that board has become moribund apparently since the CH site changes took effect. Look forwarding to continuing the conversations here.

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Welcome @equinoise @Booklegger451 !

Bump. Hoping to drum up some interest here.

Definitely interested in a board up here, lots of good food! Our basic travels would take us North to Seattle and surrounds, as well as the South sound area and up to the Hood Canal, famous for their fabulous oysters. We do occasionally make it to Portland -always a treat.

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Although I’m not a denizen of the PAC NW, we love the area. We’re heading back to the Vancouver area this August for the first time since we had spring onion (so it’s been ~5 years). Our itinerary is wide-open, other than a desire to revisit Ucluelet. We’ll pretty much just transit through Vancouver city (sometimes, city trips are a little tough with spring onion in tow). We want to continue exploring VAN Island and any other islands. For example, does anyone have any good food experiences on Quadra Island?

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I thought you guys lived on the Washington side of Stumptown?

Keep it coming! I always open this board hoping that there will be some new postings. And today there were!

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We’re all brothers and sisters up here in the land of milk and honey :honey_pot: and volcanoes :volcano:.

Have been looking for a replacement for Chowhound - see some familiar names here!



Hello! Just found out today that Chowhound is gone!:weary: But glad to know where I can find a home again. So much new restaurants popping up in Vancouver alone. When I try restaurants suggested by IG or FB I find that it’s not as good as suggestions from past Chowhounds. Hopefully, I can get the same honest opinions from Hungry Onioners as I did from Chowhounds.


Welcome Sui!

There’s not much action here on PNW. But please feel free to start a discussion.

Which Van are you in?


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I agree. There are a handful of us who live in WA and OR on the western side. But the PNW board is pretty sleepy. We need more people and more energy so welcome! We’ll try to give you recs and you do the same.