Instant Pots out of stock

Does anyone know where they can be found at the moment … TIA

Target has had them in the stores in my area.

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Do you know if they ship direct from a store … my cousin lives in Montana

Can you tell me the location of the sore, I will call the

Looks like they ship and you can do it online:

Thank you … the link is not giving me a store and Target is sold out online
Can you tell me in which store you spotted them … TIA

thank you for the suggestion … I’ll take it from here :slight_smile:

This might be a stupid question, but did you try Amazon???

This might really be for another thread, but what is good about the Instant Pot? Why does everyone like them? Curious if I’m missing out!

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I don’t know some kind of fancy George Forman grill???

From everything I’ve read about it, and from talking with owners, it’s primarily used as an electric pressure cooker. I’ve been told it’s higher quality than the electric pressure cookers that came before it. If it could do pressure canning, I would have purchased one already. That’s the only dealbreaker for me.

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Thanks. I think I don’t need one!!

lol … Hate it … don’t use it … DH loves it … If he makes one more “stew” I’m going
to shoot him or myself … can’t taste the love … does that answer your question

This instant pot is for a family member … most people I talk to who love it are working
moms with kids who love the speed in which they can prepare a decent meal
Not cooking IMO!


I could use you on my team. Other people argue politics or sports or whatever. We’ll argue for vs against pressure cookers.


Ha ha

I agree. I love cooking, but I don’t think I would love instant pot.

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I like to be picked for Chowdom’s team.


My wife, who can’t cook for the life of her, decided she was going to give “crock pot cooking” a try. It quickly got renamed the Crap Pot by me, because no matter what food she put in it, it all came out tasting and looking like crap. No crap pot for me thank you!!


I got one a few years ago. I tried every possible thing, and nothing came out tasty. I literally was pre-browning, adding items at different stages, etc. to make decent tasting food. No bueno. I’m a food professional and trained chef, and it drove me crazy. I returned it on literally the last day I could to Amazon.

The constant good reviews keep drawing me in. But then I realize it’s all LCD. I expect much more than it can do, and can do much better on a stove with a decent pot or covered pan.

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Since this post popped back up I am going to add this to my previous comment. There are a lot of mom’s and dad’s out there who don’t have the time (or perhaps skill set) to get home from work and put together a decent meal. This is where frozen dinners canned food comes to play all to often. So from that perspective, if crock pots etc. help people eat “real home cooked food” then it is certainly a good thing for them.