Instant Pot refried beans

First time I’m using the Instant Pot for beans, and I’m concerned about cooking time.

I was checking out Youtube video recipes. One called for 50 minutes, five for 45 minutes, one for 35 minutes, and two for 30 minutes.

Traditionally, when not using the IP, lard is utilized. How do feel about lard, butter, etc.with the Instant Pot?

I’ve used this recipe with pretty good results for cooking black beans. I soak my beans beforehand.

10 minutes with a 15 minute natural release for soaked beans. Sometimes I add some epazote. For refried beans, usually I fry up some onions and/or garlic in some lard or oil in a saucepan, add some of the cooked beans with their liquor, and mash with a potato masher.

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I would use the IP to cook the beans…but would make the refried beans on the stove top (if I had no choice, I’d use the saute option on the IP)

The IP is great for things like beans and stews (and timing is going to vary with the size and age of your beans) but not for things that need to be stirred or watched.

If you’re making refried beans the implications of overlooking the beans is negligible…you’re going to mash them anyway.

As others have mentioned you can definitely cook your beans in the IP in water and aromatics… but you should finish them on the stove, blender, FP. That is where you determine the texture and flavor.

Pati Jinich has a number of recipes for refried beans… including the pot cooking, and then the finishing up. I like that she doesn’t do them with lard, and I have done a couple of these and they were really great (like the blender method with a handful of whole beans best).

That’s what I did, not to mention if you do all the work in the IP, then you have to scrub off all the crust that accumulates afterwards.

In this scenario, for those who mentioned it, I’m curious about what would be the point of seasoning the beans in the IP?

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It’s amazing how much deeper the flavors are when you season the beans before/while cooking.

Salt yes, but no acid til the end…it will keep the beans from softening

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