Ingredients that caused revelations

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(Meekly admitting this)

I brought home a five pound bag of redskin potatoes maybe 10 days ago. My only previous experience with these were in commercially prepared potato salad. Thought this type was weak compared with the russet potatoes I’ve eaten all my life…

Well, what a revelation. My BH peeled and water boiled part of the bag for dinner one night. We absolutely loved the “real” potato taste we experienced. Had, the thought: These don’t really even need butter and salt & pepper garnish, they taste great by themselves. That five pound bag was emptied with a pork chop dinner we had last night. Good eatin’.


I love them, and simply cut them in half, skin on a bit of evoo and sheet pan them cut side down at 400 degrees for about 1/2 hour.
I like them with a STOB


Really? I think red potatoes are the main potatoes of my life.
Russets were for baked potatoes, Yukon Golds were still the dream of some marketing genius.
I can even describe the same kettle they were always boiled in for all the years till my mom got too old to cook.
Maybe we were more Irish than I realized.


As an Irishman, I’ll chuck in a classic.

What is the definition of an irish 7 course meal? A six pack and a potato :smile:


Surprisingly i got my mom to start drinking Ripple milk - a lifelong dairy fan- she buys both the unflavored (for cereal and such) as well as the to die for chocolate one because she needs a daily chocolate fix and just a little glass is thick and rich and very chocolatey.
It’s hands down the best non dairy high protein “milk” i have tried- and gotta say i have tried a LOT of them over the years! I actually chug a small glass before heading to the gym, easy on the tummy with great nutrition info.


I have always been a fan of baby red potatoes, simple boiled or roasted.
Tonight i’m making my mom’s “famous” potato leek soup and every year I’m surprised to see it uses red potatoes but i think that’s part of why it’s so good


I like Yukon Golds. :sweat_smile: In general I much prefer ‘waxier’ potato to the russets. Aside from baked potatos, and occasionally mixing one in for mashed potatoes, I always eat red, white and yellow potatoes. Of course the best ones though are purples and sweet potatoes.


I agree…man cannot live by Russets alone!


Back in my gardening days I grew red potatoes, the difference between home grown and store bought is huge, same is true with onions.

One would think a potato is a potato the same with onions and obviously other things I grew such as green beans, corn, and tomatoes.


Although i do love almost all potatoes, and many preparations of them, i have to say the korean/asian small sweet potato that is white inside may be my most favorite for the creamy texture and not too sweet flavor. I like it best very simple, baked with a bit of salt and (vegan) butter. The skin is a bit too tough for me to enjoy which is the only so called downside for me.


Totally agree, with the little produce growing I have done…nothing, and I mean nothing like just our of the garden… (tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, carrots, parsnip, turnips, dill, basil, rosemary to name a few)

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Repeat: Freshly dug new potatoes(1” size). Scrubbed clean. Simmer until tender. Drain. Butter w/ salt and pepper. Now THAT was a revelation.

Not sure what happened up there. I did not flag my own post.


I’d never heard of this ingredient–thanks. I frequent Asian stores, but probably have just passed these by from not knowing them. Latterly, I’ve been interested in Korean recipes, breaking from my longtime Thai/Vietnam disposition in that part of the world.


I just dug (and ate) the last of this year’s tiny potatoes! Here’s what’s left of them.


I’m not sure about this but are sweet potatoes actually “potatoes”?

Speaking of russets, I discovered cooking them on the waffle iron. Peel and grate, drizzle with a little oo, s&p and put on the super hot waffle iron. Best hash brown equivalent I’ve ever had.

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Hmmmm… You could do that in George Foreman too…


Try it and let us know. I could also try it on the panini grill.


Definitely look for them, there’s a very popular korean recipe that adds sugar to carmelize them which i have tried but is too sweet for me. I like them best just baked, rub the outside with a little oil and the skin is very tasty and thin and gets crispy spots.
This has a good visual of the innards

Something like this could be fun using the korean sweet potatoes to serve either hot or cold


Oops, not oo but melted butter. Sorry.


Oh man, waffles hash browns like that sound amazing!! I lack a waffle iron, probably because i never make/want to make waffles at home…

(As a tangent the serious eats “will it waffle” articles are awesome if you haven’t seen those!)