Induction Cooking

I recently received the induction burner/hob/heating element I ordered. It is the Duxtop 9100. In reading the instructions/user manual it suggests using the temperature mode for frying and browning, but it doesn’t suggest which temperature to use. The range is 140(F) to 460(F), I’m wondering what is good starting temperature for sauteing onions, etc.
I do find myself sauteing onions, celery and carrots (mirepoix) as a base for a lot of dishes.
Also if anyone has any tips or tricks for induction cooking, I would enjoy reading them.
Thank you in advance.

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If you’re looking for color on those onions I would recommended medium/low… which is about 300°F. Keep in mind pan temps will vary +/- from the actual hob surface (depending on the pan and how much food is in it), but not by a lot.

The best tip I can give is about the BTUs (heat) available on a 110V induction hob. It is not going to be as much as gas or 220V electric/induction can impart, so large vessels with a lot of food/liquids at high heat will not be the best choice in using it.


Are you really sautéing mirepoix for recipes, or are you sweating them? Most recipes I follow call for the latter, since you don’t necessarily want to get color on your veggies, and the primary goal is to make them mellow and sweet.

With that in mind, I agree with Scott that you’ll want to aim for somewhere around the 300*F mark (or potentially even lower) when sweating veggies. The key to achieving an ideal sweat temperature is to listen to the sound as it’s cooking. Too high-pitched (think sautéed mushrooms) and you’ve overshot the mark.

IME, the temperature settings on these
… affordable PICs are a complete joke. My suggestion is to stick with the power settings, and put in the time with your cookware and a good thermometer to dial in the temperatures realized in the pan(s).

As for tips, bear in mind that the coil under the glass is probably smaller than you think, so larger pans will show hotspots/unevenness. Also, don’t expect to speed boil large volumes of water.

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I really don’t know… I just fry them until they get a little color on them, then move to the next step.
I’m very much a novice and don’t really know the difference between sweating and frying


I’m still in the early stages of learning how to cook on an induction hob/burner/heating element and I really like it… so far. I feel I have much more control. I also like how quickly it can boil water… WOW!!
This device will also reduce the amount of heat I throw into the kitchen during our hot summer months (a pleasant bonus).
Now I’m kicking myself for not buying a two place hob/burner/heating element.
Maybe I’ll treat myself to a (two place) one with my income tax refund.