Indian Buffet lunch in Edison or Iselin?

Looking for a great Indian lunch buffet in Edison or Iselin, preferably not vegetarian. Thanks for your recommendations!

While you pretty much can’t go wrong on Oak Tree road, I think Tabaq is the best buffet. In that area I also like Red Chutney and Mirchi.

+1 on Mirchi, especially if you like it spicy.

Rasoi 2 has a very nice buffet lunch as well.

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I think not a lot of places do weekend buffet, last time I was walking around Iselin on a Sunday, Rasoi 2 was absolutely packed. Didn’t eat there but you probably can’t go wrong with that kind of traffic.

Didn’t think about that re weekend buffet! Will have to check.

Sunday Indian Brunch is one of my favorite activities. Something about pigging out on curry and coming home and passing the fuck out makes for a great Sunday. Let me know what you find!

I woul add that if you are willing to head down the shore Deepak at Haldi Chowk in Middletown puts out a stupendously good buffet weekdays and weekends:

Haldi Chowk Authentic Indian Cuisine
1409 NJ-35, Middletown, NJ 07748
(732) 721-9539

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You’re right. I’ve been there. Very good. is 7 days a week!

I was out with my cousin last night and he said he wanted to go this week. What would you recommend? I’ve been a few times and everything has been good.

We’re doing the lunch buffet. I’ve also been told their lamb chops and their goat dishes are delicious.

I am not a buffet fan, but I’ve been a few times and it’s decent. I find their prepared meals are far better.

They have a tandori app that is great. In fact, this dish with some naan is about all I need :slight_smile:

Let us know what you think.

An interesting Indian fusion restaurant I noticed online the other day was Papa Pancho. They are an Indian-pizza fusion restaurant, and seem to be pretty popular among Oak Tree Road.

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We wound up going to Tabaq. A very casual Indian buffet in a strip mall along Oak Rd. I can’t say we loved the food. While there were quite a few selections, they all seemed to have the same sauce with lots of chicken and lots of goat. The highlights were the Butter Chicken, the rice pudding and the Mango Lassi. We’ll try someplace else next time.

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Rasoi 2 on and off buffet is always a delicious experience. We shop the sweet shop and produce grocer straight after. Get there early and expect a full dining room. Go hungry, the choices are endless.

Hope you get an opportunity to try it and report back.

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Sorry you did not enjoy, I really like goat so that may be one of the reasons I like Tabaq. Not everyone likes goat, and it can be hard to find.

Rasoi, Mirchi and Red Chutney are all worth a try, let us know if you find one you like.

One of the best things with an all you can eat lunch buffet is that you seldom go away truly disappointed.

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