In search of old Saveur article about international garlic condiments

I recently purchased a large quantity of excellent garlic in California’s central valley. I was hoping to finally make a variety of condiments that appeared in a Saveur article years ago, but of course now I cannot find my hard copy of the article. Does anyone remember this: a two-page photo spread of at least 20 international condiments, with small print naming each one and giving a short description? I believe all recipes were on the following pages. Saveur does not have this entire article online (that I can find); THIS is the closest. I am nearly certain it was Saveur and not another magazine because I recognize two of the condiments from the linked article.
I’ve kept many old copies of Saveur and boy, they hold up. Saveur was so good in its prime. Anyone a hoarder of this magazine who can direct me to the correct issue or share in some format?

One the recipes (Chiles Anchos en Escabeche) is apparently from this article either from October or November 2014 (two pages give conflicting dates). I don’t remember the long-form article, just the two-page condiments spread. Perhaps the condiment collection followed the longer article. Does anyone happen to have these issues?

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Another Saveur article on garlic, but not condiments…

The link to the Suan Ni Wei recipe in the article you linked to says this:
This spicy-sweet Sichuanese sauce, adapted from Fuchsia Dunlop’s [Land of Plenty(W. W. Norton & Co., 2003), is delicious with a stir-fry of ground pork and noodles. It first appeared in our November 2014 issue with the story The Glories of Garlic.

The Glories of Garlic article online includes a link to this gallery of garlic recipes (25 recipes)

I loved the old Saveurs…had to get rid of my hard copies when I moved from California to Boston…


I’m thinking it’s possible that the condiments feature was a one-off, unrelated to the 2014 article but recycling a couple of the recipes. These were definitely all condiments, including some unique preserve/pickle ideas. The “8 Global Garlic Condiments” article is, I suspect, an abbreviated online version of the original print spread. I’ve noticed over the years that the Saveur website is far from comprehensive when it comes to past recipes/articles/write-ups (though there is also a lot of online-only material).


The 24th recipe is this, which I plan to make soon:
Hand-Chopped Garlic Herb Salt

This recipe comes to us from Marisa McClellan, author of *[Food in Jars: Preserving in Small Batches Year-Round]. If your mother or grandmother is still using dried and granulated garlic instead of fresh, make them a batch of this hand-chopped garlic herb salt. It’s the perfect gateway to the good stuff and will elevate their cooking immediately. See the recipe for Hand-Chopped Garlic Herb Salt »

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Have you tried Eat Your Books? I found some there, but nothing labeled “The International Garlic Issue” :smile:.

I have many Saveur magazines ( and lots of heads of garlic!) if you find it.

I think I might try the chopped in salt one.

ETA Maybe this one? Issue No. 169 November 2014

I am ambivalent about having found this. :disappointed: I am trying to convince myself to not try growing hard neck garlic again.


That’s it! Thank you so much. #7 and #8 were the specific two I was hoping to find (but couldn’t remember much about), and now I can look them up. Could you please type the full name of #7? I can’t quite read it because of the glare.
I have no input about growing garlic, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by local garlic for sale here in southern California in the last month. Now I can stock up next market day and attempt some of these condiments.
Thanks again!

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I think it’s this…


The Internet Archive has it available, and it’s easier to read from their copy.

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You already have good answers, but I am happy to make good use of my hoarding tendencies!

Suan Ni Wei.

It looks like most or all of what is in the magazine is available somewhere on line ( thank you @Madrid ; I don’t find the website easy to navigate) , so I guess I could get rid of some hard copies, but that’s what I said before I got rid of 1/2 my Gourmet. :roll_eyes: