Impulse Labs Induction Cooktop - First I heard of a battery in a stovetop

This looks interesting. Mostly interested in the precision capability but the battery for boosted performance plus shifting your energy load is something new to me.

This sounds interesting, especially the power sharing features.

However: (a) you’re still cooking on induction with all of its disadvantages; and (b) no home cook really needs more Btus than currently come with 220/240VAC cooktops.

I can put a Tesla in my garage to burn down the bits other than the kitchen, where the battery in the cooktop will handle the job . . .

I have been on two airplanes when passenger electronics went up in flames - one cell phone, one laptop. I’ll wait until they figure out how to make a non-bomb battery.

You must fly a lot.

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yes, I did. domestic and international.