I'm making stuffing in a slow cooker!

They both look delicious

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That does look delicious. I was worried about you doing a never made before stuffing because timing can be so iffy in those things. But I can see you handled it with your usual aplomb.:slightly_smiling_face: So now for the million dollar Q. How did it go over at work. Did they like it?:slightly_smiling_face:

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“I reserved the browned too pieces, and put them on time, and added a bit more brown with a torch.” was supposed to say “I reserved the browned top pieces, and put them on top, and added a bit more brown with a torch.”

You are too kind! It was quite the success. I had to go to a meeting, and when I got back, the crock was cleaned . The person who washed it said folks couldn’t get enough.

Husband complained I didn’t keep some home, but I didn’t recall him “appreciating” it!

I have to say it’s probably not justified, but I want a “Searzall”, instead of this splotchy butane thing.

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With Thanksgiving coming up, have you ever seen the “Turk diggler?” I think you are the one to make this shine :slight_smile:


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I have not, but I have a feeling I’m going to be thinking about it!

I had to look up the definition of aplomb! :thinking:

I would definitely use the Ansom Mills product if it needs to be used sooner than the Bob’s Red Mill. Both are excellent products @shrinkrap.

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Well it all looks fab @shrinkrap! I’m lovin’ on you pepper jelly too. Need to make a couple batches when I get home from vacation.

Was going to mention that quite a few years ago they changed the specs on the slow cookers and Crock Pots due to the risk of food borne illness.

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I hope you took that as a compliment. I only know you from your posts on this board but you always seem to be able to pull off anything in the kitchen🙂

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Thank you, and I did!

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Does anyone know where I can find out more about that? The one I use most is pretty old.

ETA Found this on The Spruce Eats.

Another article says "“Fill the slow cooker 2/3 to 3/4 of the way full with tap water – tepid, not too hot or cold,” said O’Dea. “Set it to the low setting, and then check with a food thermometer after eight hours. The thermometer should read at least 185 degrees.”