I'm looking for a tool that will crinkle cut vegetables

The ones I’ve found so far seem to be pretty chintzy, does anyone have a recommendation? My next step will be to do a search of vintage tools.
Thanks in advance

Feels a bit lightweight because much of it is plastic. But it is sturdy enough. I’ve enjoyed using mine. It does the job, well.

OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer


And just in case you’re the type who may be lacking in dexterity.


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I was going to recommend a mandoline. Many of them come with a “crinkle” blade, even high end ones. They work great, if you don’t slice a finger off in the process

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Great great Aunt Emma’s version. Use it all the time.


I saw a similar one online, I just don’t know what kind of shape it is in … this would be my preference.

I would need to wear full body armour

I would manage to slice an arm off

So, I have really debilitating carpel tunnel and most things I touch go flying, which tool would I do better with? I’m definitely ordering the Kevlar gloves :wink: Thanks JMF

Same here


I literally own both of these!! I LOVE the mandolin and use it constantly- and i beat the ever loving crap out of it and stick it in the dishwasher which i’m sure is wrong but whatever, it’s probably two year old and seriously awesome. Great shredding and slicing too.
The cut proof glove is a MUST, the only issue is with small obnoxious things like radishes or brussel sprouts that would much better off by knife or food pro.

If you wouldn’t mind, which would you recommend for me … see my last post

Maybe something like this:


If the mandolin is workable with the carpal tunnel (im not sure) then this one from oxo is what i love, bed bath and beyond always has 20% off coupons if you poke around the internet

My cut proof glove i got from either target or amazon, was about $10-15, lets you grip whatever you are slicing

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you mean the items I recommended above

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I was going to go with what you and then Trockwood recommended but I need to be able to cut thicker pieces which will not be possible … I’m really afraid I’m going to do some damage with the hand held cutter but I see no other option. The glove is on the list!!!

Personally I’ve never crinkle cut anything in my life and they are a personal peeve. I just hate crinkle fries and chips. I just use for thin slicing for the rare times when I am in a rush.

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Pickles and fries

Yes, exactly. I was just linking because i wasn’t quite clear what the OPs question was to me. Sounds like they’re going to try crinkle handheld cutter and glove combo

I don’t think a cut resistant glove would help with a handheld crinkle cutter.

Is the cut resistant glove really useful? I heard some torn gloves stories. I have 2 japanese mandolines at home, I cut slowly, so far I didn’t have any accidents. I think I should get a pair.