"I'll have the usual . . . ."

So, I’m thinking it’s relatively safe to assume that most of us have consumed a few breakfasts in joints that cater predominantly to those eating first meal of the day. The diners, cafes, counter service type joints where coffee cups get refilled and only leaving a twenty percent tip seems sad (“Oh look four quarters and three dimes”). The kind of place where your spouse could order for you with some confidence while you step out to grab a paper. The kind of place where a menu’s nice, but there’s not much doubt as to what you’re going to order.

Consequently, I ask. At such a spot, what is it that constitutes “the usual” for you?

Me? Well, these days, I’m a corned beef hash with two poached eggs, rye toast, grapefruit juice, and coffee guy. Although, west of the Delaware River, that hash may well have to be replaced by some scrapple.

Note: I originally thought of this “game” for a possible series of threads early last fall. For some reason, I never really went forward (although, I may have forgotten that I did) and then the old place fell into disrepair. I’m wondering if maybe it’s interesting enough to get a few rounds out of now. You know, maybe move on to red sauce Italian joints or neighborhood bars next? I s’pose we’ll see, right?

Two eggs, usually scrambled, as “over easy” sometimes comes not quite so easy. Sometimes cheese added to the eggs (especially if they have an herb or goat cheese). Hash browns or home fries, but I prefer home fries. Well toasted English muffin (with soft butter to spread on them), and BACON, mostly crispy.

Cawfee and OJ round out the meal.

If I were to ever go out for breakfast, it’d probably be eggs benny. Because why else would I leave the house for a basic egg dish like scrambled or over easy with a few strips of bacon on the side, when I can easily make that at home?

I thought this was a more general question, and in that case would be easier for me to answer. There’s a Sichuan place where I eat on a weekly basis (along with a bunch of other chile heads), and we get pretty much exactly the same dishes every time.

Or my local cocktail bar - it’s been a Martinez or Martini for the longest time, but that could change any day :smile:

If they’re house-made, it’s usually either (a) chicken-fried steak with over easy eggs; or (b) corned beef hash and poached eggs.

If everything has arrived on a Sysco truck or been dumped out of a bag or can, I ask the best of ham, link sausage, patty sausage or bacon to go with my easy-over eggs. But if they seem to have any aptitude with 'cakes, I might go with those.


It’s all good, my friend. Though, my half-baked idea was to try this as a series.

Eggs, over medium (I like them over easy but this is a defense against undercooked whites), bacon, extra crispy, sourdough toast (unless the place has really good multigrain), hash browns, extra crispy. Coffee.

Mmm I want bacon!

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For me a crab cake benedict. I’m not really a big breakfast/brunch kind of person but crab cake benedict would be way too much effort for me to make at home in the morning and they seem pretty common at brunch places in my area.

I look forward to more of this “series”!

Chiliquiles con lengua!

If we’re going out for breakfast it’s got be something special. Otherwise I’d rather do it myself.


Every Saturday morning .Huevos Rancheros , rice , beans , tortillas and a Budweiser with a great view of the Monterey Bay .

Shivering in antici…pation of your fully baked ideas.


For breakfast at our local Venezuelan cafe I always order the same breakfast that’s not one of their standard breakfasts.
Two beef empanadas, black beans, white cheese and two fried eggs. Washed down with a soursop smoothie. Unfortunately their coffee is terrible but luckily the bakery next door does excellent coffee so pop in their after.

For me its egg benedictine. Nothing special, they are my favorite breakfast item so its my go to option.

If I’m cooking at home I make good crepes so I’ll usually default to that.

I guess I’m the only one that doesn’t have only one answer – “my usual” depends upon where I am. In other words, if I’m going out to a deli for breakfast, I’m not getting eggs benedict or bacon & eggs. I might order a LEO (lox, eggs, and onions), or corned beef hash with two eggs . . . but if I’m going to Brown Sugar Kitchen, I’m getting chicken and waffles . . . if I’m going to - etc., etc., etc.

Then, it also depends upon where (as in what city) I’m in. If I’m in New Orleans, I might be getting shrimp and grits, or maybe just an order of beignets and a café au lait.

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Depends where I am in the planet but mostly hang in So. Cal.

Hawaii…it’s usually, fresh pineapple, Kona coffee, Ahi Poke or 2 poached eggs Ahi benedict with wasabi hollandaise…
Sea Island Georgia…Pimento Cheese Grits and Shrimp or Seared Diver Scallops
Cabo…Spicy Double Bloody with either Chilaquiles or scrambled eggs with beans/rice and served with tortillas
So. Cal…Mex Breakfast with a Pacifico back…Eggs Benedict with salmon…Bean & Cheese burrito or a Quesadilla.
Skiing…Stack of blueberry pancakes with tons of butter and maple syrup with a iced tea.
Vegas…Spicy double bloody…In and Out Burger double with extra grilled onions and spread with a large iced tea.

The meat depends on the place. Crispy bacon, chicken fried steak (with gravy on the side) or corned beef hash. Eggs over easy with crispy hash browns and a ‘well done’ English muffin. And hopefully they have blackberry jam.

Because sometimes I don’t feel like cooking and cleaning up after myself.


I love my Saturdays .


“say it, say it!”

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You have me VERY curious–where do you live that has good, fresh crab available year-round?

Eh. The cleanup of a skillet for eggs & throwing out the aluminum foil from the bacon is nothing compared to having to leave the house. I’m usually too lazy for that.