ILAG Swiss Non-stick cookware?

What do we know about ILAG Swiss non-stick cookware? Our son bought this one and then (?) asked us what we know about it.

I own a 6 quart pot.
Pros, you can use metal utensils on it
Cons: wooden handles need care

Lidl here sells the frying pans sometimes. I have never bought one. How long does the non-stick coating last, Rooster?

I have some Berndes non-stick pans and they are still going strong (more than 10 years now).

This isn’t a brand you crank the heat on. No higher than 350F. Cool pan completely before cleaning and with all non stick surfaces wash gently. But mine is over a year old and looks brand new even with weekly use. Never use in the oven of course. The non stick works well.

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Is that because of the handle? 350° is 350°… no?

Yes 350. Handle, yes. But the nonstick can’t handle say a deep dish pizza either. I’d stick with stovetop use.

Site says the handle is Bakelite (a
Rather ancient material) that’s plastic, so no oven makes sense. What “care” does it need?

The handles on my piece are wood.
Does bakelite do well with heat? I own a few bakelite serving trays that are used for serving cold foods.

Their site says the Bakelite handles are good up to 350°.

Correct. i mentioned that several comments back. 350 degrees.

Interesting. I guess Berndes was once a great manufacturer. I bought their ceramic pan in 2016, when it was still made in Germany. The coating came off within one month. Now, I believe most of their products sold in the US are made in China. Even if they are stamped “Made in Germany”, I highly doubt the claim.

I’ll check with my son when he’s used his ILAG pan a while and report back. I had access to a great inside deal on a 10.5” Greenpan Venice that will match the 12” one I really like to use. no-brainer.

Old post, but after watching the film Dark Waters and remembering I still had a teflon pan to replace, I had a quick Google for ILAG which led me to this post.

I’ve had a frying pan / skillet with ILAG for 4 years now and I’m very happy with it. I don’t tend to use any metal implements on it so can’t comment on it’s resilience to that, but the non stick has certainly held up. Someone managed to scratch it, I’m not sure how, but it hasn’t compromised the coating in the same way teflon suffers.

Was interested in other cookware with ILAG but seems it’s not mentioned much as Google sent me here rather than being drowned out by products for sale.

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