If the bird isn't in the oven yet, a tip

I watched a Jacques Pepin primer on basic turkey roasting wherein I learned a few tricks new to this 74 yr old dog! 1. Hack off the ends of the drumsticks. During roasting the skin and flesh will retract, exposing the tendon ends. Pull these out with pliers for easier eating. 2. Slash the “underarm” of the wings and the thighs, where the ball joints connect limbs to torso. The slashes allow more heat penetration, avoiding undercooking these areas. 3. This one I knew, but worth a reminder. Cutting the wishbone out before cooking makes carving easier and neater.

Also, he did not stuff or truss, though he did not discuss his reasons. (I never trussed because i want as much crisp skin as possible.)

Rather than carving slices along the breast while it’s on the carcass, remove the whole breast in one piece (comes off easily). Then slice downwards to serve.


And Happy Thanksgiving to our majority contributors.

My BiL lived in New York State for a number of years. He would always tell his work colleagues that, in Britain, we celebrate 4 July as Thanksgiving.



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