Identify this Vegetable?

A friend asked me if I knew what the green vegetable in this photo might be. She says a Vietnamese friend identified it as a type of squash. Raw, it tastes between a cucumber and a zucchini.


It looks like it may be Opo Squash.

“Alternate names: Nam tao, bottle gourd, cucuzza squash, calabash, yugao, long squash, bau, Italian edible gourd, New Guinea bean, Tasmania bean, snake gourd, po gua, kwa kwa, upo, dudi”


you are probably correct
It is also used by the filipinos with ground pork
Personally, I use more garlic and also like to a add fermented shrimp paste , then adjust salt, fish sauce or soy sauce seasoning after I add the shrimp paste as it tends to be salty.

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Thank you, @JMF and @ccj - my friend thinks you’re right and is looking forward to cooking with this new-to-her vegetable.

They are opo squash. Used in indian and asian cooking. I like them in asian style broth based soups, or i cook them indian style with onions, tomato and lots of spices.

Those look like they’ve been around for a few days. When you buy them, look for Ones with few/no blemishes and no soft spots.

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