Ideas for cooking halibut

I like the one I have, but I’ll take another one, sure.

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We only eat wild salmon raw as in Nigriri or Sashimi and / or ceviche, and / or for a brunch smoked or Gravlax …

We sub the ham or bacon with Smoked Salmon for Eggs Benedict. Very popular here.

Halibut: This fish is usually caught off of the coast of Southern Ireland by Spanish fishermen/fisherwomen …

HIPPOGLOSSUS is the Latin name for this fish.
And its range extends from The Bay of Biscay up to Greenland. If it is caught in Spain´s Waters, it is resasonably priced. Wild: 15 €uros a kilo …

Also it can be found in northern Galician waters & northern Portuguese Waters. It is called “Solla de altura” or Solla or in Spanish Platija. In Portuguese: Called Solha.

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Trying again and good to know! This time a bargain , on sale at $20.00 usd/pound.