Icebox desserts/cakes, frig or frozen

My sisters bday is coming up and I know she enjoys icebox cake bcause she makes them often. Her favorite version involves frozen vanilla yogurt, big box of strawberry jello, canned or fresh berries and half the water you use to prepare boxed jello. If you use canned berries, use the liquid towards the water component. Blended together and frozen in a mold pan. Hours later ready to slice and serve with optional whipped cream and fresh berries. Im not a big jello fan and this is very refreshing.

What is your favorite ice box dessert recipe?


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Ina Garten’s totally decadent Mocha Icebox cake using Tate chocolate chip cookies and a mocha filling.
You can not eat very much of it because it’s so rich. I made the mistake of serving it after Thanksgiving dinner.


Oops. Forgot the link.


Thank you. My sister loves mocha. How did you know?!:wink:

That cake is truly amazing. I love it and it’s so easy.

I have done a bunch of recipe ideas on this and I think the mocha version posted here is an easy winner. All the others my sister makes herself. Thanks!


My mom does one with strawberries, strawberry jello, dream whip and torn up pieces of angel food cake. It gets put into a ring mold. Yummy!


It occurs to me that a crepe cake should do well as a icebox cake. Usually the filling is jam and they are not chilled, but mousse, custard, creme pat, and fruit would be good for the cold version.

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Interesting. Lady M crepe cakes come to mind.

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My grandmother used to make one that started with a graham cracker pie crust, which was filled with a tub of thawed Cool Whip into which had been folded fruit yogurt and a cup or two of mashed fruit that had been macerated in some sugar. Frozen overnight, allowed to thaw for 10-20 minutes before cutting and serving. It was very good.


My sister makes an icebox cake that has graham crackers and pudding btwn the layers with a final layer of whipped cream topping. She usually fixes it with vanilla and chocolate pudding layers. The crackers soften and it cuts like a cake after a few hrs in the frig. When my son was young, he would request this cake every time he visited his Aunt.

Its so simple and if you love pudding a party favorite.


My grandmother used to make something similar for my dad and he still loves when I am surprise him with one! I´ve started using the chocolate pudding from Smitten Kitchen and layering that with the graham crackers. Everyone loves it! It´s childhood comfort in a bowl.


Thanks for the link. The Smitten Kitchen blog is referenced often on HO.

You are so right about this being comfort food. When our son was very young he called his Aunts recipe pillows on a spoon.


Any recommendation for a lemon icebox cake?

I found this lemon ice box cake recipe in a magazine the other day and since it would use up my last jar of lemon curd I went with it.

If you enjoy lemon its perfect but very rich. It wasnt my kinda dessert but my sister liked it and was surprised that I didnt make a chocolate cake.


I wonder if the cream cheese is what made it too rich? It sounds a bit like frozen cheesecake. Does sound nice and lemony, though!

If she likes lemon here is the recipe for Atlantic Beach Pie!


Thanks. I have caught a few time traveling recioes on NPR. The strawberry sun jam we made this summer. Simple recipes are hard to beat.

Bingo. It is like a cheesecake and a trifle had a cake baby.

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I have never made one, but I’ve saved several recipes because of friend likes them:



Pistachio pie

Strawberries and cream

Stained-glass cake