Ice Storm Christmas Cookery

We’re not travelling this holiday weekend. As in: We’re probably not leaving the house. Extreme cold and snow, and impassable roads (and driveway) also mean that we’re entertaining only ourselves.

We won’t starve, of course, and we’ll be warm, but the inclemency descended before we could buy fresh “special” holiday food and drink. We do have some nice steaks we can thaw, vegetables, mixes and staples to bake. And I made a double chicken stock yesterday. But it won’t be Figgy Pudding, Spoon Lamb and Danish Kringle to wash down with fresh eggnog.

Is anyone else in similar straits this year? Besides drugs, sex and rock-n-roll, how are you staving off cabin fever? We may not even wrap presents!


Just started snowing here and it’s all downhill from this point. I am baking shortbread for the first time. Had the mold but didn’t know what it was used for. Someone on HO posted a shortbread recipe that they made in a beautiful mold and I realized what mine was for. In oven now, so we’ll see.


I wish we felt like drugs, sex, and rock-n-roll (in that order, preferably), but casa lingua’s been down wit da flu since Monday. That means no xmas eve gathering we were going to host, no visit to a Festivus party we’re invited to tonight, and xmas day at friends is also very much up in the air.

I made a big batch of chicken noodle soup yesterday for the sickly, so there’s plenty leftover for tonight.

It’s -26˚C here (with windchill), and it will be even colder tomorrow, so there’s no way in hell I am leaving the house for any supplies.

Options for tomorrow are short rib burgers we purchased in Philly, or shrimp cocktail heavy on the horseradish. Certainly not the most exciting or festive meal, but we’ll live.

At least we have a warm home (unless we lose power :scream:), unlike so many others. Grateful for that.


We drove to Chicago ahead of the storm to visit my parents, and then promptly came down with Covid. Ugh. So, we’re wearing masks and holing up in our bedroom to try not to infect my parents. Luckily my mother did all the food shopping well in advance!


OMG, take care.

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I’m doing the chicken stock today. Roasted my first whole chicken since the pandemic began. Have a strange craving to make that traditional Xmas dish, matzo ball soup.:eyes: Already had declined get-together invite before this weather set in. Covid is very much on the rise in my area, according to stats. Did groceries (and had some delivered) a couple of days ago. Wine shipment arrived yesterday. Have a small boneless prime rib roast on hand, some potatoes, and romaine plus the add-ons. I’ll probably eat Xmas dinner in front of my iPad. Gelato for dessert. I hear from other family members that they’re snowed in, too. And therefore dining alone. One cousin is preparing the same thing I am - this synergy happens a lot. It’s not planned. We laugh about it. At least we are alive to have dinner. There have been losses this year. I’ll toast to a happier Xmas for 2023 for all.


Now that’s Comfort & Joy. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Good one - thanks. I live in the LOL section!


Me too and it is gonna be mid 60’s this weekend… and I am on the west slope of the Sierra Nevadas!!!


So sorry to hear that! Take care and hope you have a mild case. Get well soon, and don’t pass it on with other Christmas gifts.

You can take my little corner of Oregon out of the JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, IT’S COLD OUT zone. Since it started raining the temp has gone up. Forecast for Christmas day is a balmy 58 degrees.

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I got lucky! Very lucky!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! :santa:t2: :wine_glass:


It’s still in the 50’s here on outer Cape Cod but forecasters are saying we’ll plummet to the teens tonight. We haven’t had as much rain as predicted. Variable high winds, more rain with thunderstorms are headed our way changing to snow overnight. The usual places have had coastal flooding during the extreme and wind-driven morning high tide and will happen again with the evening high tide. We actually went out for lunch today and picked up some groceries we had forgotten. Keeping our fingers crossed we don’t lose power - but we have a gas range and can use the cooktop. Making cioppino for Christmas Eve, so all stovetop. Hoping to have power to use the oven on Christmas Day for our prime rib and scalloped potatoes. If not, it will be grilled cheese and tomato soup with lots of wine and chocolates.


But please don’t think I’m gloating. The storm scenes I’ve been watching online are hair-raising. Please stay warm and safe, everyone!


We’re in the “LOL” section of the map: 77 on Christmas Eve and 79 on Christmas.

And we’re both recovering from a flu bug (yes, we’re vaccinated) so completely ambivalent about food and with the virus levels around here we’re not inclined to venture forth.

Did have an emergency vet visit (feline is okay); made points wearing this shirt (which I’d grabbed because it was clean):


(The ailing and now recovering polydactyl kitteh):


Careful. It looks like he might have opposable thumbs. Or one opposable thumb, at least.


He has a mighty pair of thumbs - plus extra small toes between the thumbs and the other toes. Nail trimming time is fun!

To keep on topic: this catto is well-versed in the elements, having been a street cat for at least seven years. He’s now quite demanding about regular feeding and snack interludes.


Thanks, all. Luckily it seems mild enough for both of us, feels like a cold more or less. My parents have a cozy fireplace and plenty of wine so I think we’ll survive. :grin:Crab cakes are on the dinner menu tonight!